Ticats at TWOCOLOURS PBP Thread

The weather forecast isn’t favourable for today. I hope it doesn’t bite us in the ass…

Yup agree - sunny here at the moment but there was a heavy shower no more than an hour ago. Rain won’t stop them - just hope any lightening stays away. Hate to see the game halted late third quarter due to weather - especially if the Ticats are behind. Had that happened last week vs BC the Ticats would have lost. Instead they came back in the fourth to win. Guess the way to avoid that consequence is to get out in front and stay there!

Tuned in to the pregame show on TSN1150 but an getting Fox Sports! Even though the schedule indicates Tiger Cats Football! ??? Could be a connection problem with TD Place in Ottawa.

Nothing better than an August Saturday afternoon, than an August Saturday afternoon watching the Cats. And nothing better than watching the Cats on an August Saturday afternoon than watching a Cats win on an August Saturday afternoon!

Let’s go Cats, it’s Saturday afternoon and TIGER-CAT FOOTBALL IS ON THE AIR!

Madu can be a great back - I hope we can stop the run today. Go cats

Just saw a shot of the skies around TD Place and it looks threatening. If it’s going to storm, hope that it happens early and not late.

Live Mic game - on, HB’s favourite player Simoni Lawrence. (I hope SL says HI to his best bud HB). ;D

Live mic game with Simoni mic’d up! Should be fun. Last time the Ticats were mic’d up was the Winnipeg game and I was at that one. Don’t hear much from the stands.

No Dedmon in this game - not sure who’s returning for the OTTRBs but our guys have been decent at limiting returns.

Driving back from The County and Fox Sports doesn’t make me happy on 1150.

Lets hear the play by ay

Oskee wee wee

I see that we have the classic white vs black look with splashes of red and gold mixed in! ;D

Nice return by Frankie!

Thanks. 1150 is on the internet air with a field goal miss.

Well that didn’t work but thanks to Frankie we’re close enough to try the FG - but miss! :frowning:

Missed FG :(. Use the RB, not the receivers as RB

Yes, that’s Condell outsmarting himself.

Nice stop by the D - Yeah FRANKIE!

Only problem is it looks like we’ll have a long field to travel. We’ll see if the offense can gain some wheels this drive.

Both defences off to good starts

using Banks for a RB is a good way to get him hurt. Hope this is a one and done thing

Thought that hit looked a bit early on the 2nd and 10 but maybe not. Offenses feeling out the defenses by the looks of things.

It’s worked before - last week if I remember correctly

I know there are many who like and many do dislike Mike Jones, I just don’t see why they keep him in the lineup. Put Combs in there, he’s fast enough even if he is a decoy. Jones has done nothing this year and has dropped may catchable throws

yes it did but it still doesn’t take away the chances go up by taking a pounding in the back field