Ticats at Toronto Play-By-Play Thread

very nice run by Masoli

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Great play by Masoli on the run!! D all went for STE!

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Can we PLEASE throw an accurate deep ball?

Ughhhh he was Wide open

Ok now these deep balls are killing me

What a tackle by Kalinic!!!


Receivers have been open down field but they haven't been able to connect. Would have had at least a couple of good plays. Still wondering if there's a wind problem making the bail sail by.

But hopefully they're making their DBs slightly nervous.

With Argo's luck and reffs helping them out we can't have this a close game

That's what I heard. And eventually they ARE going to connect for a big play. Right now they need to get the boatmen off the field.

Ouch looks painful. Hope he's ok... But hasta sit out for a few plays.

MBT trying the nickel-diming approach now...

INT!!! Carial Brooks!
Kelly was in MBTs face

his 5th!!!!

WOO HOO Brooks - MBT picked off! And took a big hit too! Time to make some hay here offense!

And a clean hit too. Reminiscent of JJ.

STE not doing it... and neither is Masoli!

thank god our D has come to play as the O looks like pure doggie poo at the moment.

ST-E had nowhere to run there.
What a waste of an INT...

And about the time he tossed the ball so not late. Unfortunately Oakman stopped our O short with his PKD. Hard to throw over a guy who's 6'9"! :anguished: