Ticats at Toronto Play-By-Play Thread

Mixing it up so far.

Really like the downfield shots

The results aren't very good tho...

Even better if QB and receiver were on same page

Bishop you possessing masoli? Haha

Masoli with 2 or 3 poor throws already

Hopefully masoli can dial back the arm punts a bit. We're getting separation

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True but at least the D knows that they'll take some shots. I heard it was raining a bit. Wonder if there's a bit of wind at play there as well that might be making the ball sail further than intended. Or slightly slippery footing that is slowing down the receivers a bit. It's early - they'll get it together.

Masoli is a bit off target, He needs to settle down.

Refs better be on the ball for the Argo D being offside tonight.

Already happened


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Freaking Argos D think they get the waggle too.

Good pass, should have been caught

Ok got it dialed in just catch the ball and we're cooking.

Dang couldn't get open there

He's (Masoli) getting good protection...

Why does it always take til the last second to punt goddamn trying to make this game more interesting

OUCH - Bennett needed to catch that one! Would have been a big play for the O. I suspect that the ball is a bit slick and they have not yet adjusted. Masoli was on the money on that toss. At least threw it away under pressure rather than trying to make something happen. There was a time...
Now it's time for the D to make another stop. Got them off the field pretty well last time.

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WOW - great read by the LBs there

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WOO HOO D!!! 2 and out AND a loss of yards gained. Banks not able to get too much on the returns so far though. Time to get a good drive going.