Ticats at Toronto Play-By-Play Thread

This is for first place in the East.
Canadians at RB - we'll see how they manage.
A conclusive win is what I expect. Anything less, and it's STILL cause for concern.


We’re not done if we lose tonight. It’s not the playoffs yet.

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I hope so too DCF. My stomach is in knots worrying about how the weather conditions might impair our kicking game, but then again, if we score a lot of TDs, who cares!

Good luck to both teams, I hope for a well played 60 minute game, the game is won in the last minute.

Both teams will be throwing everything but the kitchen sink at each other.

I predict that Speedy Banks takes at least one kick back for a TD tonight, and is the best player on the field.


Oh, I really, really, really hope that happens too!

LOL, no Kate, tonight is not for all the marbles.

They'll be just fine - if they give them the ball! STE has put up big games in the past. Unfortunate not to have Jackson in the lineup but I have confidence in our national RBs.

If it comes down to the kicking game then unfortunately the edge goes to the boatmen - Bede is better than Bertolet although under pressure Bertolet has shown that he can get the job done.

It may not be for all the marbles but if they really want to nab first place they do HAVE to win this one to take the season series. Given the way the boatmen have played the past couple of weeks compared to the Ticats, (Ottawa was giving them a run for their money!) I do think the Ticats can get the job done. Looks like there are a lot of Hamilton fans who've made the trek to at least even up the home field advantage. Argo fans may be in short supply but they can be loud.

Don’t get me wrong, I never like a loss to the Arblows and tonight should be a statement going into the post season but keep in mind they will probably meet again then. It can be at THF or BMO, Cats just have to win when it really matters.

Thread is a bit quiet tonight, hopefully it means everyone is at the game. GO CATS!!

Just one comment to start the game. Quote "WE TAKE OUR FOOT OFF THE GAS -WE LOSE" period.


Corrected for those of us with E-cars. :sunglasses:

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Don't see banks on the field?

Nevermind...came out late.


  • Masoli best player on the field
  • Bethel-Thompson is a B list player

Who snuck into the studio and replaced them?????

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Wind report anyone?

First time I've seen banks caught from behind that easy

No holes to run through.

First run, first down