Ticats at the Rock Lacrosse game!

I just wanted to give a shout out to Cosack, Tigger and the rest of the Ticat fans who joined us for the 24th floor tailgate party and lacrosse game!

It was great, we joined the CFL Fan's Fight Cancer-Toronto Tailgaters Chaptor at their $900+ donation from tailgating to Wellspring Cancer Support Centre in Toronto.

The folks joined us for an afternoon of pregame fun and some even joined us at the game.

I think some folks have found something to do in the offseason....lol

Remember, if you are ever going to a Rock lacrosse game come on by my place for a pre-game drink. It's a little Hamilton in Hogtown!


A huge huge thankyou to Jare for his hospitality. What a great time! Jare’s pre-game party is like a Labour Day Tailgate. Lacrosse, like the CFL, is one of the few sports that is still uniquely Canadian. Great entertainment. Thanks again to Jare and his friends. I’ll definitely be back!

No fights with the Rock's head coach I hope.

Hey Cossack:
Thanks Cos, you are welcome anytime.
I have a pregame party every Rock game, if anyone wants to come by just pm me.

No,Zontar no fights, but why don't you come down and I'll introduce you to the Rock's head coach personally. I'm sure he'd get a laugh with you.


Nice job Jarrett! (as usual)

Your committment to your causes is sooooooo admirable.

By the way, I still wear my bracelet faithfully....

I think I've finally convinced my lady that it was a guy who made it for me.....and not a woman...lol

Keep paddling mate!....your work is making a difference.

Say Hi to Nat! 8)

Great, just got new insurance policy with comprehensive dental :wink: