Ticats at Stamps Play-by-Play Thread

I thought I’d get a head start on this one.
We haven’t beaten BLM in Calgary ever. I want this to change.

Same, time to wipe that smirk off his face. Stamps will be tough.

Our D has to be spectacular. Out ST have to be great. Our O needs to be good.

Dane needs to continue he second half performance of Labour Day.

I am nervous about this one. They are a really good team with BLM playing.

Overcast temp 19/20 no mention of wind.

Looking forward to this one especially after totally missing the Labour Day game - was in the Scottish Highlands (Carrbridge) and could only follow the first quarter and the fourth (plus the end of the third) on Twitter and the CFL play x play on my phone (thank goodness for some data in my travel plan). Dinner of course (with a group) was in the middle of the game! Was happy to see the Ticats come back to win that one especially after the ejections which happened just before we went to eat.

Really hoping for a W for the black and gold in Cowtown!

Hoping for the best against the Stamps and the Zebras !

All white! Ugh

Worked for McMaster - of course they were playing York! ;D

OK D - get BLM off the field! - almost picked that one - good start!

Wynn Gascon-Nadon-ed it !! :frowning:

Lets use our weapons Tommy. If you need tough yards don’t give it to Coombs up the gut. Nice stop D

And Tuggle too!

D has definitely come to play

D is looking sharp. Lets Go O

Argggghhh !!! that should be 2 picks .Bo peep throwing right on our guys numbers so far .


Lets at least fake the run.

They’d better start spending more time on the jugs machine so they remember how to catch!
Of course our O hasn’t moved much either but at least Evans isn’t throwing near picks! BLM still a little off his game maybe - tossed three pick s last week so I heard (didn’t see the game unfortunately).

I get the feeling Bo can throw 7 picks today and he will still be rated number one on the CFL.ca QB index…

Nice block by Kalinic on Coombs’ run.