Ticats at Ottawa predictions

I think that the cats are getting better ever week and playing loose with no pressure other than some auditioning for a job next year.



Ottawa has a few key injuries in national receiver Sinopoli and a good db in Gavins. We have proven to be able to stop the run which is a big part of Ottawa's game in Powell. I think we can win this game with guys like Laurent , Banks, Masoli, Tasker , Dean, Capiciotti playing for new contracts and guys like Green and Mathews and Unamba ,Brooks, Neill, Tracey playing for jobs for next year .

Trevor Harris is a very good QB but I think we can run against this Ottawa defence as proven by our previous game against them where masoli ran for around 70 as did Gable. Green should be able to do well. We stopped Powell in Hamilton with and avergae of 2,8 yards per carry 2 games ago . I think this game will be won and lost in the trenches and on the ground game and I think we have the advantage. Our Defence and db's have improved and Otttawa does not have a real game breaker receiver and are missing a key receiver in Sinopoli.

Hopefully Neil can provide decent run defence in place of Coleman . I do know Neill had a lot of sacks in University so he could provide some pressure from inside alongside Teddy . I am sure Whitlock will get some reps there too.

This is a very important game for Otttawa as they are playing for first place and a home game and the Grey Cup is in Ottawa.

But, I still feel that June Jones has this team peaking and they will pull it off 31 -28 with Banks and Masoli , Kanneh , Unamba, Simoni and Tasker leading the way

Oskie wee wee

Our win will cause Ottawa to have to play a western team in the Eastern Semi Final either Edmonton or Saskatchewan. I think it will be Edmonton as SASK plays Montreal and then Edmonton IN SASK. While Edmonton has to play Calgary in EDM and of SASK IN SASK . i Could see SASK winning both games and Edmonton losing both games meaning Edmonton would be the crossover team to play the Argos or Ottawa at their home.

I think whoever wins the semi final game will beat the Argos in Toronto . Well I sure hope so :)as being a Ticats fan you just can't root for the Argos .

Ottawa has too much to play for and they are at home with a good defence and hot QB.

I think cats will stay in the game but Ottawa will be fighting harder and Trevor Harris and Powell may very well be the best QB/ RB combo in the league

I will say

OTT 34
HAM 27

I predict that Gerbear is going to start another game thread because the exisiting one wasn't worthy of his prediction.???

Ticats win - I have no idea by how much - but the OTTRBs haven't been any better at home this season than the Ticats have been at THF. I do think it's going to be close - possibly down to the last play.

OTT 30
HAM 14

No reason to start a new thread when he has already posted under two separate identities in this one. He seems to be of two minds on the outcome. Covers all the bases, I guess.

31 - 24 Cats.