Ticats at Mac

At discounted rates for season seat holders, who's going to one, both or no games at Mac?
Doesn't seem to be much buzz.

Not that MAC thrills me but I am heading there for both games because I want to watch some live football.
I really don`t think there is much of a buzz because fans were really looking forward to THF on the 26th and
don't want to settle for MAC. Unfortunate as it is right now I see more grumbling coming when the game on August 16th is moved to MAC. I hope I am wrong but......

I am going to both... originally planned on just one, but then couldn't say "no". :stuck_out_tongue:

I am definitely going to both games. I cannot wait!! I am a Tiger Cat fan!! I could really care less where they play. I would go see them play in a dirt field if I had to! I buy season tickets to watch football not to sit and marvel at some stadium all game. Dont get me wrong, THF looks great and I can't wait to get there and watch them play there but I just want to watch some good ol ticats football!!!


I can only catch one but I'm happy to see some of you fans lovin' your Cats all the way! We have some great fans and a great city so lets cheer em' to the cup!

Going to both. Can’t wait to finally see em live again.

Neither for me. I don't have an issue with a half-done THF as long as it was safe. But considering how McMaster treated this team and its fans last year? Pfft, they can get bent if they think that they'll be getting a dime of my money.

Not thrilled with Mac and what they did to us, but I'm not cutting off my nose to spite my face. I'm going to both games. Can't wait

I'm going to one game. Obviously ticket sales arent super strong though, I got a call back the day after I bought my tickets asking if I wanted tickets to the second game.

I wasn't going to go to either and just take the credit/refund. Then I thought I'd take 1 ticket (out of my 3) to each game. My GF & Daughter aren't interested in going to games @ MAC. Then I had a few friends & fellow board members I've got to know express interest in going. So in the end I got 3 to each game.

Like others, when I thought about it more and more, I would kick myself for not going and seeing them live no matter where the venue.

If we cant get 6000 people to any and all games at Mac easily that says something about the fans of this town.
It isn't Mac or the team's fault they're playing there. Support your team.

I agree Crash. Further to that, I don't understand the hate towards Mac for not housing the team last season. For starters, Mac has held Training Camp for as long as I remember, as well as housing many players who live at Mac during TC. Second, Mac has to answer to the community of Westdale, and the community and hospital both didn't want extra traffic around the hospital. Totally understandable. It's unfair to think that Mac owes the Cats anything. It was unfortunate they couldn't stay in Hamilton, but Guelph was a fun and unique experience. As most posters have said, if you're not buying to punish Mac, you're really only punishing yourself.

Going to both. 2 tickets to each.

When I was called on Thursday to confirm my selection they told me that I would hear this week about the availability of the second game. On Friday morning I got a call saying that we could have the second game tickets too. I guess the interest wasn't what they were expecting it to be.

Well said DogsFan! Couldn't have said it better myself.

going to both games my tickets for the second game was emailed to me today

I got my seats for the July 16th game. I'm working on the 31st so I couldn't go but did get a call asking if I wanted both games. It would seem that it's tough getting the seats filled for 2 games there. That tell me the Cats will be pushing hard for the stadium to be game ready for August 16. Yes they should be compensated for lost revenue but, no doubt it will be a lengthy litigation process. Get in THF as soon as possible. From what I saw at the site today, they should have enough done by August 16th to accommodate.

I have my old seat from Ivor Wynne made into a bench. It's rather heavy, but I'm wondering if they'll let me bring it in and park it in the endzone so I can sit and drink at the same time.

I agree with mostly everything expressed here but I'm not so willing to give Mac a free pass. I get there were difficulties but felt a real member of the community should have stepped up. They did have a lot to gain monatarily and could only loose politically with hospital and community. Kind of a let down.

i will not be attending either game and the way this whole dibacle has been handled by the sales rep as a frustrated fan and basically being told oh well to bad the 6 seasons tickets youve held for the last 15 yrs and the 3 new ones you bought this year its our way or no way im waiting for them to call me back so i can say shove them all n lose my number

ticat bill you have to remember it is not all the ticats fault that they have to play at mac but to be fair to every season ticket holder i was able to get tickets to the first game right away but the second was for them to offer the tickets to other season seat holders then if available i would get tickets to the 2nd game which i feel was fair because there was 16000 season seats and only 12000 seats available for both games remember we should buy tickets to wherever they play to support our cats