Ticats at Greenies GDT

SSK doesn’t like field goals.

I hope we win by 3 points.

Another stop for the D. We’ll see if the O can get the ball moving this time.

Let hope so, we have a good O-Line. Dane needs to calm down I think

Why is Bennet in there???

Nice completion to Tucker.

And another! :slight_smile:

Something happen to Irons?

I’m sure he will as he gets into the game,

FG Liram!!

Nice FG, points on the board. Evans looked a little better, receiver’s need to get pen for him. We need a ground game as well.

Some people know how to find out who we scratched. I have never known how.

Toronto just tied it lol

Okay we are on the board. Time for the special teams and D to show their stuff.

Ummm…AR6o$ win
TD with 10 sec. to go on clock

He was in on the first run play. Since then it’s been Coombs from what I saw. Maybe Irons got banged up on that one play? Not sure.

Yup just switched it over for a few seconds during the break to see the replay of the FG.

Contact by Evans on Breaux there? Usually the reason for sudden separation.

C’mon D we can’t be giving up long ones.

Penilty on amilton for being hamilton. I cringe when I see its him reffing

Evans will need more than field goals this week.

Anyone pick that one?

But we all know that the Bombers will still be #1 in the power rankings, regardless of what happens in this game. :o

He also had a full week of practice this week and wasn’t thrown into the game cold. I’m willing to be patient.