Ticats at Greenies GDT

Did I miss something? Are we not going to see the first quarter?


I knew that there would be overlap so checked that out after we got home from helping our son move.


Defense is up first for us. Let’s see if they can get CF off his game - we KNOW they’re better than BC!!

YEAH BREAUX!! Turnover on downs!! ;D

And first pass thrown deep by Evans is picked off!! SIGH!!

Hmmm … getting the interception out of the way early, I hope.

Jump ball for Mike Jones isn’t gonna work can’t jump and string bean arms no power

I miss JM already haha. Jk he did the same a few games back. Let’s stop em boys.

Bad start Dane. Not to Jones next time.


Well the D is doing their job - time for Evans to give it another “go”! Maybe don’t throw deep - yet.

Or just don’t throw deep when the receiver isn’t open.

Ugh, penalty gives us another try.

If they don’t find a way to give him time were done.

Offence is a dumpster fire right now… Gonna be a long night if it keeps up. But I’m staying positive

The only time he’s open if there is a bust in coverage

I think they’ll figure it out - still very early going here. I figured it would be a defensive battle. We’ll see who can outlast who.

Oh God… We could be fully healthy and lose this…I wonder what our record is vs this reff