TiCats at Dirty Birds - Johnny Edition GDT

No points so far on turnovers really interesting stat, finally Green Machine

Johnny: more tackles than completions in his CFL career so far. Wonder if that trend will continue?

Vernon!Vernon! Vernon! Vernon!Vernon!Vernon!Vernon!

Stay on the pedal.

Bahahahahahaha Green, didn't even know the camera was on him... funny stuff

Bowman down which should take some of the pressure of of Masoli - unless he's able to return.

John Bowman's hurt, and to my untrained eye it looks like either a collarbone or separated shoulder.

Eat'em raw, boys!

Let's get back to the ball-hawking, TD scoring ways of 2015!

Holy ef, Mtl special teams are horrible

Agreed. I'd be ok with a 40 point lead.

Our cover teams doing a good job of keeping them starting deep in their own end.

D need to make sure Sutton doesn't run all over them. They did a good job containing Powell last week and Andrew Harris earlier in the season.


Just… wow.

wow haven't seen one of those in a while!


OMG! Great play Newton & STE!

Our whole team came to play tonight!

Sweet Jesus! They came to play tonight.

Manziel still only thrown balls to Ticats in his CFL career.

:smiley: :smiley: ;D ;D