TiCats at Dirty Birds - Johnny Edition GDT

TD SPEEDY B!!! ;D Great job driving down the field there. That should shut up the fans for a couple of minutes.

Good start...


that was easy

You could see the huge weight taken off Masoli's shoulders during his TD celebration.

Which is WHY the Ticats WILL win! ;D They did manage to put them in a couple of second and long and didn't allow much to Green but their secondary from what I understand CAN be exploited.

Here's Johnny

I missed it but I'm sure it was a HUGE relief.

Have to say that I was surprised to see where they were on the field just before the TD toss to Banks!

Whoops, Manziel picked by Dean!!

Dean with the pick!! Oh Johnny

And pick #1 to Dean! WOO HOO. This might be TOO easy - but guess we'd better "temper our expectations" - it's still very early.

Their secondary is worse than horrible, twice they left receivers wide open!

Looked like Manziel threw that one right to Dean. Was there even an Als player in the area?

We want Vernon!!

Finally a pick at the best time imaginable!

Guess he forgot he's not throwing to the guys in black (white) and gold any more! ;D

And they NEED to get seven off of this turnover although they're stuffed on the first try.

Nice save by Toliver! :smiley:

Toliver bails out Masoli 1st down Cats!!