TiCats at Dirty Birds - Johnny Edition GDT

Jeremiah and Johnny having a pre-game chat

Good to see, This is big game for both those guys

Thanks Grover. As we say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture shows how two competitive guys, and former team mates, are approaching tonight’s game. Friends before, friends after, but I hope we kick your butt during!

Johnny paying respect to his past coaches before the game.

Game day scratches - Inactives: Faubert-Lussier (81), Howsare (95).

White jersey/ gold pants, beautiful weather

The ratings for this game will likely beat the grey cup

Tonight we see that the wrong QB was traded to Mtl, I think the Cats win, but Manziel outplays Masoli

I'm hoping for a really well-played game by both teams. I would like to see the Cats win and Jeremiah back in the groove. Go Cats!

OK Cats, please don't defecate the bed tonight...

I'm with you Forest! Cats NEED to win this game but Johnny can play and look good enough to give the larks fans some hope even with another loss.

could really careless how Manziel looks, as long as the Cats win this game.

Of course Ticats winning is the MOST important thing. :slight_smile:

I'm glad Manziel is no longer a Tiger-Cat and I am not much of a Masoli fan either. But I must admit I like Manziel's attitude going into tonight's game.
Drew Edwards quoted him in the Toronto Star today as saying he was going out there to "rip it up".

We'll see..... I am sure his team-mates were glad to hear that.

But we have to win this game tonight or we will have "third place if we are lucky" written all over us for the rest of the season.

Same here! Go Cats!!

Saunders is excellent at getting open!

BIG 1st down with BIGGER yards

Put it in the end zone

TD BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TD Banks!!!


Holy ef, is the Mtl defense ever horrible