TiCats at Bummers GDT

Cats are 13 point dogs in this.
We will have to contain Harris, much like we contained Wilder last game.

RIP Brian Broom


Drew Edwards?Verified account
3m3 minutes ago
As I reported early, veteran #Ticats DB Emanuel Davis will be a healthy scratch tonight vs. #Bombers. Ben D’Anguilar the other. #CFL

Darrin Bauming?
3m3 minutes ago
#Bombers scratch Nevis and Foketi vs the #TiCats.

I guess Nevis has not been a star in Winnipeg - unlike all other ex-Ticats who, according to some, are automatically better players the moment they sign with another team.

Yeah, must be why I never rose to the top or made top dollar in my career - didn't previously work for the Cats?

Bombers in their home unis w/ pink accents. #Ticats in white jerseys, black pants.

Comparing each team's starting 24 tonight with the same on August 12th when Winnipeg won here by 27 -- there are 11 TiCats lining up in the exact same spot and 20 Bombers.

Some predictions for the game:

  1. Andy Fantuz doubles his 3-catch total from last game

  2. CJ Gable gets mentioned by the commentators more times than in some games earlier this season when he was our starting RB

  3. At least three-quarters of the times they mention Willie Quinn, the commentators will include some kind of reference to his size

  4. By halftime we will all be sick of hearing about Andrew Harris' quest for 1,000 yards receiving and rushing in the same season

  5. We get penalized less than the Bombers, but they win the turnover battle

  6. Mike O'Shea keeps his streak alive for worst-dressed coach in the CFL (going on four years running)

  7. June Jones waits until the second half to throw his challenge flag this time, but still has some of us questioning whether he could have waited for a more opportune moment

  1. Our offence goes stone-cold for one full quarter of the game
  1. Big Ted Laurent makes his presence felt in the first quarter

  2. Alex Green looks almost as good as he did in BC, but does not crack 100 yards

Go cats Go ???


You could be right on with that list, ExPat. Particularly if Black's on play-by-play.
Oh no, Grover. Your pic shows them out there wearing the winless black pants.

I can see any and/or all of that happening! Hoping for a win but not holding my breath. BC's going to have to help us out with the OTTRBs tomorrow and Saskie with the Blew guys, regardless.

Thanks for doing the game thread Grover!

Need to play a full 4 qtrs tonight

Hey, no probs mr62cats! 8)

Wouldn't it just be nice to have a solid win against a solid team. I think we will. :smiley:

let's be positive, the Cats will handle the Bombers with ease tonight. LGTC's

A lot of empty seats for player intros?

We won the coin toss, we receive.

Ok, coin toss win...check. :slight_smile:

Hi all!

TD BANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1