TiCats at Bombers

This is a huge game to say the least! GO KEVIN GLENN!!!
As excited as I always get before games I can't help but think this is the last regular season game. And that makes me a saaaaad paanda. (anybody get the reference?)

This is the game I've been waiting for all weekend.

TD baby!! Go Ti-cats!! Excellent drive!! :slight_smile:

Glenn looked pretty good on that drive.
Now to see which Bishop came to play.
The good or the Evil.

7-0 Ti-Cats! Great start! :smiley:

I loved Glenn's msg to the Bummers....lmao


Introducing...Bishop the Good.
Great start to the game.
Anybody hear if this game actually sold out?

Yikes..Hamilton must have been watching the Riders on how to miss tackles. 7-7!

Noooooooo this is not happening!! :thdn:

Holy Mackinaw...whoops...wrong team.

Pick 6! Keep it going Winterpeg :rockin:

Yay Bombers!

don't want no Crossover!

I'm torn. I don't want the crossover but I'd like to see the ESF in Hamilton.

Nice catch!! This is a good game!

Nice catch!

Sweet, go Cats! Great game so far.

Geesh, that was a gutsy call on 3rd and long 1yd.
Not sure I would have done it.

Great attempt by Ralph on the catch even if it is overturned.

Damn! So close Brock!