Ticats at Bombers...predictions

Wow, won't this be a big test of our Ticats. A win here will certainly make people take notice. :wink:

Once again, bragging rights up for grabs.



Tiger-Cats 23
Blue Bombers 21

...making them 6-2 and us 5-3, one game out of first.

Ouch… hate to say this.

Bombers 25
'Cats 19

We get 4 field goals because we can’t finish drives against their “D”. That’s the difference.
IF we can give Glenn enough time then the predictions of others may come true.

Except for the original post. .. 37 points against that defence? Don't see it, personally. . .

Ticats 22
Bombers 16

Ticats 24
Bombers 17


Bombers 24
Ticats 17

Take your pick, depends which Ticat team shows up friday.

This game is a must win if we want 1st place.

Ti-Cats: 27

Bombers: 13

Ticats 43
Bombers 17

C'mon Madjack, give us your prediction then. :wink: Between you and I...closest get's a beer from the other at the Labour Day game...deal?

if they Protect Glen ticats 31 Bombers 27 If they Don't Bombers 30 Ticats 17.

Protect Glen we win Bottom line

My predictions:

  • At least 3 Ticats will catch a pass that did not catch a pass in our previous game against Winnipeg.
  • Thigpen will have a return of 30+ yards.
  • Buck Pierce will shudder and experience a distrubing flashback upon initial sighting of Jamall Johnson. Possibly a more visceral reaction upon initial contact.
  • We will get more sacks than them. Turnovers will be even.
  • Stala extends his TD streak, and his (slightly shorter) bad joke streak.
  • No players will jump in any boats, trucks, hot tubs, or other off-field bins.
  • An official's call at a crucial time seems to decide the outcome of the game - though the losing team (and its fans) should not fall back on that as an excuse, since they had plenty of other opportunities.
  • Winnipeg fans will be acting way too cocky for a team that hasn't won a Grey Cup in over 20 years - especially given what happened 10 years ago when they made it to the big game as overwhelming favourites (with apologies to Coach Khari).

(As for the score - who the heck knows?)

Winnipeg - 29
Hamilton - 19

Now 43 against that defence? Dreaming in technicolour I'd suspect. . .

I predict a low scoring game. . . something in the nature of 25-18. Home field advantage tells me Winnipeg comes out on top.

I predict that I will swear several times, want to hit someone at least once and yell "oh come on" at the refs 4 (maybe 5) times during the game. :smiley:

I read where the ArgoNotes were afraid to go the the Hamilton games. Now I know why. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not true. I save all of my animosity for the refs and players lol. Opposing fans are perfectly safe unless of course they say something stupid like "GO (insert team name here)" :wink:

Blew Bummers 37

Tiger-Cats 13

Sorry folks...I dislike the Bummers almost as much as I dislike the Argonauts...

But I'm greatly surprised and impressed by there turn around this year,and frankly,they are simply a superior football team at the moment.In fact,from what I've seen,their defence has improved over their dominant performance against us on the road in week one...

I doubt this will even be close...I hope I'm wrong!!!

Ti-Cats - 24

Stupidville - 10

24-21 Ticats

And what she said. (Banshee, that is.) :lol:

Back to (sigh) .500, I fear.

Swaggerville - 31

Tigerville - 18