Ticats at BC PBP Thread

Battle of the Cats v 2.0…

Guess we are about to win. We were just told on the Sask/Ottawa game that Montreal needed to win tomorrow to keep in touch with the 'Cats.

I just hope that it’s not a rain out…

I’m just fine with a win tonight for our cats! :smiley:

Meanwhile the greenies have kept the OTTRBs from gaining any more points. OTTRBs seems to have problems knowing which guys should be getting the ball when tossed - Davis threw 3 picks in three drives in a row. More than half the greenie points came off of turnovers! :-[ :-[
And they’re on their third QB of the night!

;D ;D ;DLOL! The ONLY place in the league where that isn’t a problem!

In Moncton tomorrow (forecast Sunny) or tonite in Vancouver??

Hi folks!

Lalji and Dunigan… TSN just mailing this one in.

Howdy Russ!

Can’t speak for Moncton but it’s nice and dry inside BC Place! Cat fight about to begin.
Well that little bit of hand off trickery didn’t gain gain anything,

We didn’t bring Watford in for the sneak.

Back-to-back live mic games for our team. Must be a bit challenging to mix up the calls.

Any lightning in the forecast?

Got themselves up the field a bit but three plays and they’re off the field. :frowning: D needs to step up. Just heard that Tracy injured his arm in the warmups and they’ve had to do some juggling on the DL and with the ratio.

Only between the players! ;D :wink:

It was 2nd and 3. Think it was more of a surprise.

Well their having some success running against our D again! BUT their bit of trickery didn’t work and Howsare was good to pick it up and stop it in its tracks!

SACK #1 - to Dean!!

New Dean of Mean ™ I hope.

Andrew Luck is available… :smiley: