TiCats at BC Lions GDT- The Cat Fight

We need this win now that the refs and the ESK's have gifted the bumcracks 2 points!

We are wearing Gold pants, We are 3 and 1 with Gold pants!

Absolutely Grover and even the boatmen are threatening to beat the Riders with a last second FG. They missed the last one and Pfeffer misses this one although Riders concede the single instead of running out the ball. And Duron hardly saw the field!

Lets get it boys!

Unfortunately I’m in the Atlantic time zone - for tonight only and of COURSE the Ticats are playing in BC - FOUR hours away instead of my usual three. Have to be up and on the road again tomorrow so probably won’t get to see much of the game - maybe half but that’s probably going to be my limit. Hope the Ticats are looking good and get off to a decent start in the first half.

Hoping the offense rebounds this week. I can see this game going either way.

Ok, that freaks me out a little.

That pic of Tasker, Man he is focused!! He is going to have a great game!!

Dont look at the nose or you will get hypnotized !! :o

Agree although it’s going to be tough for Masoli when so many of his trusty weapons are on the shelf either temporarily or for the remainder of the season - and BC defense has found some teeth lately.
I do think that our D can hold off Jennings and friends.

Don’t let us down Cats, just win this

They need to win just to keep pace with the OTTRBs. Eskies let us down today but not nailing the OTTRBs and letting them win. >:( >:(

Love it Roar !!!I hope ?! A little worried no speedy , Green hope I am wrong !

Ticats taking the ball to start - never have to worry about wind or other weather in a dome! :smiley:

Yes, I never pull for the Esk as a rule but I did today. They looked terrible

White will be a decent replacement for Green but not sure who can stretch the field quite like Speedy.

Came off a bye so you'd think they'd be well-rested and and raring to go but they sure weren't ready to take it to the OTTRBs.

Opening drive gained them virtually NO ground so now it’s up to the D to get the stop - and I think they have it.

Unfortunately they nail the Ticats with a VERY long field - Addison didn’t even have a chance to get his hands on it - let alone gain any return yards. :frowning:

How many times will Masoli hit the uprights tonight? ?

not liking the field position, need a couple of 1st downs

It takes time to find a rhythm with new receivers. No doubt the Lions are going to be double-teaming Tasker and Toliver all night long…