Ticats-Argos Score?

I find that hard to believe.

[I'm thinking this could go on for a long time...]

Ah.... it was the old get the score wrong by one trick.

Just the way that an agent of W.I.L.F.* would attack the board.

Wily Inflitrator of Lovers of Football

This is the second most off-track thread I've ever seen.

Boy.... you must be new here! :smiley:


If we’re not careful one of the mods might lower the “cone of silence.”

Oh, Max...

I’m going with the Cats…28


Hindsight is 50-50, in your case.

Plus, isn't that your second guess? At least you're closer this time. :lol:

no hindsight is 28-14. We may give up 50 points sometime this season but its very doubtful we’ll score that many in a single game

Uuuuh, wasn't the score 28-13?

Don't tell me you missed my joke.

Guess you missed mine. I didn't miss yours. 20-20 is a far more likely score BTW

No, I caught it. And you're probably right that we'll have trouble scoring 50 this year without a running game. Although having 50 scored on us? Hope not.

I don't think so.Our D is getting better with every game and Tisdale and Shivers played like bonafied all-stars in the LD classic.Dennis always plays well and was a good pick up.Knowlton is beast on D AND ST.This guys the king of blocking punts for sure.

I don't expect 50 against. The point is that I'd keel over if we score 50. Its really about which is more likely in an unlikely event either occurs. Besides it was just a joke