Ticats-Argos Score?

Cats 21
Argos 6

Hoping to see Lemon have to rush his throws and see him on his derriere more often than not.

Ticats 22
Blue Team 15

Ticats need to keep Boyd under control again, and wind will keep offences from getting as far as they usually do. Cobb needs to keep it up.

I also predict there will be at least two ejections. It wouldn't be Labour Day without them.

Thank you.

Cats 24
Argos 9

Hamilton 30

Toronto 23

See you at the game.......

Oskee wee wee

Hey Bob I wanted that score, :lol: so I'll go with ......Ham 37 :thup:

                                                                                                        Tor 20

Hamilton 27
Toronto 10

...and I'm going to say Toronto's only touchdown comes on special teams. Lemon gets yanked in the fourth.

Ticats 27

Argos 13

Do you think that will make Cleo "sour"??

:lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: :oops:

Cats 33
Evil Incarnate 19


Close but I'll take a wild stab at it.

Toronto - 27
Hamilton - 22

'afternoon Bob.

Cats 24
Argos 20

Cats 34
Argos 17 :rockin:

In the words of Agent Max Smart........"Missed by...THAT much!"

If Wilbur angled that punt out of bounds as I wanted him to near the end of the game... :slight_smile:

Were you disappointed to see that punt single? :slight_smile:

Max Smart* LOL

Well surmised. Many of us had the 2-TDish margin pegged, but that was almost perfect!

And....loving it.

Good call, Wilf. Um…give me 6 numbers for the 649 and I’ll promise to play them. If I win, you’ll get a cut. Oskee Wee Wee!

Would you believe upon review the single didn't count?


come on Ron that was funny. :lol: :lol: