Ticats-Argos Score?

The last game in Toronto was pretty hard fought but not very high scoring.

Here's hoping the Ticats offense can get untracked tomorrow:

Ticats 34
Argos 16

Ticats 42
Toronto 28

argos 30
ti cats 20
i hope im the bearer of bad news

TiCats 56 Argos 12, we are due and they aernt for real !!!!!

Exactly what I think.I'm not ready to crown these guys the new beasts of the East just yet.Yeah they've gotten 5 wins but all but 1 were because the opposing team handed them the ball in the dying seconds.Then when they faced Montreal, it was AC's first game back after the dislocated finger and he gave them quite a few freebies.You guys think you're top notch this year?Prove it at 2:30 today :wink:

I'd rather have a close entertaining game than a blowout (although a blowout against the argos would be alright in my books) 33-27 Hamilton.

34-11 Cats..... the crowd will be a huge factor!!

41-14 Ti-Cats.....21-0 at the half

8) 31-17 Cats.

Black & Gold 38
Double Blue 24

Remember these simple rules:

While we're on offense - QUIET
While we're on defense - LOUD, LOUDER, LOUDEST!!!!

30-13 FOR THE TI-CATS!!!!!!!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Us: 34
Them: 16

ticats 34
argos 17

i originally thought they'd split this back-to-back series, with the tabbies winning the first ( and they did ).
but tsn just showed a clip, and apparently the tabbies are growing playoff scruff....

theres just no beating playoff scruff, so now i say tabbies win...lol

Close game, Cats come out on top, no numbers. Big factor is containing Owens and Boyd. If Wilbur can get some air under the ball, downfield coverage will stifle Owens. The D will take care of Boyd. Love to see Cobb have a outstanding game, he is due.

Argos have Stubler D back, and Cory Boyd is the next Mike Pringle. Lemon's due for a breakout game. But home crowd keeps the Cats in the game.

Argos 27
TiCats 24

Ticats 24 Argos 18

Cats 23
Argos 22

I think that this will be the coming of age for the Ticats as they will be revved up and roaring.
Tiger Cats - 37
Argonauts - 16

Ticats 30
Argos 17

This game sets the tone for the drive to Edmonton in November... If the Cats win, the season becomes about taking first place. If they lose, it becomes about finishing .500 like last year...

Cats 34
Toronto 12