Hi there ,

I am a long time TICATS fan and looking to try to describe the TICATS / ARGOS rivalry to her and how intense the games are and how much we really do not like eachother . I also try to describe to her the atmosphere at the LABOR DAY classique.

I am wondering if you all can share some of your thoughts and / or experiences/ stories here with games , ARGOS fans , or things that have happened over the years in the crowd or with players , fights between players ....just to help her understand and set the scene for the games I an going to be taking her too and why an ARGOS FAN COMING TO ivor wynne WEARING BLUE might find it a bit intimidating :slight_smile:

i also recall people watching the antics in the crowd as much as the game as well ....

I look forward to your response

The reason Argo attendance is so low is because every year on labour day most of the fans don't make it out of Ivor Wynne alive.

A couple memories I can recall, about 10 yrs ago (around 15-16 yrs old) a friend and I were sitting in the end-zone right above where the Argo players enter/exit the locker room (first row), we were booing the heck out of them and one of the players flipped us off. :lol: Another incident we were about 3 rows up around section 23-24 and there was an Argo fan waving an Argo flag attached to a hockey stick standing in the "walking area" or whatever you'd like to call it, this Ti-cat fan comes out of nowhere, grabs the flag and snaps the stick in half over his knee tearing up the flag pretty good in the process, then he disappeared just as quick then the Argo fan got pelted with a dozen or so dixie cups, I even got one in the back of the head. :lol:

         Don't know why i'm bothering to mention this, but one time before a game we went to the Subway right near IWS and there was about 8 Argo fans with the rest Ti-cat fans and there was a really weird tension inside the place. The blue shirts (argo fans) just sat there with their heads down eating while taking verbal jabs, a few TC fans were getting in their faces and had to be told to calm down by the rest of us.

Hamilton Tiger Cats Labour Day Code, :thup:


If i had to choose a word to describe Labour Day, itd be WAR. The two teams just do not like eachother and the fans hate each other even more. It doesnt matter where you're from, if your a Ti-cat player and you see double blue, it should just p*** you off!
Fights on the field...Fights in the stands
Ejections, Fans kicked out
Hard Nosed old-time football
the loudest 30,000 people youll ever hear
NOBODY BLOWS LIKE THE...everyone knows the last word :lol:
ARGOS (i dont know if Bob Young would be happy with the next word im about to type :frowning: )

I'm a Ravens fan and everyone knows how big the rivalry has gotten between the Steelers and the Ravens, but as much as those two teams hate each other, it cant even compete with the hatred the Argos and Ti-cats have for each other, and it will never even be close.

Whats fuels this rivalry is not the players itself, but the hatred our fans have for their fans, and I love every bit of it. Its like two rival gangs. Words cannot even describe the atmosphere at a Labour Day game, one must experience it.

Im actually in a bit of a pickle right now because I have to move into my dorm for University the week before the game, and unfortunately I am going to school in Toronto. Come hell or high water though, I will be in the stands for the last Labour Day Classic at the old Ivor Wynne!