Ticats/Argos "play-by-play" game thread.......




[b]Date[/b]: Saturday Sep. 9/06

[b]Place[/b]: Rogers Centre, Toronto

[b]Time[/b]: 3:00 pm (Eastern)

[b]Weather[/b]: Who cares...it's a dome!

[b]Television[/b]: CBC

[b]Radio[/b]: 900 CHML ( <!-- w -->[url=http://www.900chml.com]www.900chml.com[/url]<!-- w -->) 

[b]Pregame on CHML[/b]: 2:00 pm

[b]Post game on CHML [/b]: "Fifth Quarter" ...to call (905)645-3221.... Cell phone....*9900 ....e-mail.. <!-- e --><a href="mailto:tmichaels@900chml.com">tmichaels@900chml.com</a><!-- e -->

[i][b]Go Cats Go! [/b][/i]


[b][i]Bonus:[/i][/b] Tiger-Cat Fight Song... [url=http://argonotes.com/CFLSongs/Hamilton.mp3]click here to listen[/url]

My gift to all my fellow Tiger-Cats fans!....enjoy! :slight_smile:

Nice pictures.

As an aside, I don't like 3pm starts.

Also I don't like 7pm starts.

I like 8pm starts.

Gives me time to get to the game without rushing.

Is it just me or does the Toronto skyline look a helluva lot better than ours? lol

That's interesting that you brought that up.....I found many photos of each city to use but chose those two for good reasons..

The contrast between the two are striking.

The Hamilton skyline depicts the soul of this town which is hard working, down to earth people who aren't afraid to roll up the sleeves and get the hands dirty.. whereas, the shot of Toronto depicts a clinical, sterile envionment of business and commerce.....both very necessary in our society and neither is in fact better than the other....just markedly different...and a short bus ride apart..

.......thus the contrast....

but to hell with all that!......let's kick the crap out of the Argos! :lol:

Oh boy! Another sucky thread to go with another suckey game!

call it what you want, theirs looks beautiful and ours doesnt.

Didnt Bob say we should be the technology town not the steel city?

Didnt Bob say we should be the technology town not the steel city?
Bob said last week to the nation that he's an "idiot"..... :D :lol:

(Bob, you can weigh in here anytime) :wink:

this is good “pre-game” debate… :rockin:

At the game last week, right around the time it stopped being a game, a whole bunch of new fans sitting in front of me suddenly noticed the Hamilton skyline/ beautiful sunset over the west end zone. Started pointing it out to one another, talking as if they'd never seen anything like it in Hamilton.

'topes lose

for all you Simpsons fans

5.5 hours to go.....

Ticats will get 3 picks and 3 touchdowns...

...it is now written :smiley:

... and a bouquet of beautiful spring tulips will springforth from your arse! (which is about as likely)

That is beautiful. You are so right. Lets kick some butt to-day. pat_cat

Nice thread, Mikey.

Just an aside, you realize that there are hard working blue collar folks living in Toronto right? Also, there are plenty of white collar workers living in Hamilton. The cities are of course different, but this notion that Stelco is what Hamilton's all about is silly. If some tax revenue would come into the city's budget then the Hammer could make a much needed face lift and be a nicer spot than Toronto.

But I digress.

If Maas plays his usual lousy game and doesn't come out, I'm switching the channel to the Irish game.

Those skylines tell me why I hate to lose to @#$% Argos. :x

CHML pre-game show starts in a few minutes.....2 pm

Hello Everyone
Let's see if we can pull one out of the hat today

Greetings to Taiwan!..

Andrew Grigg is doing the colour commentary on the radio I see…he retired way too soon from football!..

It's way too early for football

Oskie Wee Wee!