Ticats / Argos Labour Day game

I think we will learn alot from this Labour day game against the Argos on Monday. If Masoli is running for his life and unable to make any plays or move the ball then we know for sure that these losses were not zac's fault. If Masoli plays decent and wins or scores more than 21 points on offence we'd have to ask ourselves if may be Collaros is part of the problem and may have lost confidence and speed due to his knee injury. Masoli has the disadvantage of having to learn a new offence and has one less import receiver than zac had due to the Laurent injury . So he will have Jones and Aprille as two of his receivers to throw to ...not very promising. So Masoli does not have a decent receiving corps going into this game and a suspect offensive line. So if he does well or wins it would almost be a miracle and he'd likely have to run for about 100 yards and his new receiver Collins would have to have big game along with Tasker and Gable. . I know we have made slight improvements on defence but we did lose Chick and are without Laurent so our dline is very weak going into this game until Laurent gets healthy and when we can find a decent replacement for Chick ( could be Tracey but i doubt it but I hope I am wrong .

My guess is we lost the game by more than 20 points and Ray has a field day but again I hope I am wrong and that we can use smart blitzes to get to Ray and that Tracey and Larent's replacement take advantage of the opportunity given to them and have big games .

I see by the depth chart that Speedy is a starting WR and Collins, Jr, as opposed to Junior Collins, is a back-up slot.

With Aprile and Banks in as starters, I'm not seeing a whole lot of options for Jeremiah. Jones is a least credible, but Bank's routes and Aprile's hands don't bode well. Maybe Collins, Jr is able to run some WR routes as well?

My prediction of a 24-22 Hamilton victory, and my scoring predictions on the Game Day Predictor are looking shaky.

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Game looks like it might actually sell out. Nice to see.

It's been a long time between starts @ WR for Banks. The only other time was in October 2013 when he caught 2 passes for 19 yds., carried twice for 47 yds., including a 45-yd. romp, against MTL.

For a sure victory, 75% of the plays by the offence should be directed at Bear Woods. This = ticats win.

Nice to see ? On the contrary it actually shows just how far the interest in this team has fallen . Usually the Labour Day classic is sold out weeks in advance , sometimes months in advance . To have a "might be sold out " on the day before the big game is not a good sign in my books . When you have the club E-Mailing STH about discount tickets offers for the Labour Day game ? Well that should be setting off alarm bells and sending up white flags all over the place for this organization . In any other year the LDC sells itself and no matter what the W/L record is of the team in any given year the game is usually always the highest attended and the most sought after ticket of the season .

What's the source for it being close to/ a sellout ?

Just wondering, not doubting

All you have to do is go on-line and try to buy a ticket. Mainly singles and NOTHING under $60 available. except (family section at $56)


Thanks Jim. What Jim said above. Tickets in Red are sold but being resold thru the team (I believe).

Tough call for tomorrow's game. Ricky Ray can rip our defence to shreds.
But even if our D keeps us in the game, I don't see our offence being able to put a lot of points on the board.
Montreal may be the only team in the East that we have a chance of beating the way we are now.

After a quick count with my OLD eyes, I see about 363 blue seats remaining.

Have to believe those will go before game time.

Particularly with the rainy forecast and winds blowing up the field from the Cannon end @ -- Holy Castillo! -- 38 - 57 km/hr.

We need some serious help in the receiver area, when I look a the depth chart this weakness surly so apparent. Some height and some talent. PS, Sure nice to see QB Glenn finally getting some recognition for some fine play. ;D

We need some serious help in many areas! As much as I would love to see the
Cats pull off an upset today, Im not optimistic that it can happen.

Gonna be a great Tailgate though.

Could be the turning point on the dismal season so far for the Cats if they could pull out a Labor Day Win and a first win for a new head coach and player shuffle.


With the forecast of rain and possibly thunderstorms, not having a running game is going to make it tough to upset the Argos today. Although we've seen what can happen in a blizzard and the passing game during last years playoffs.
Here hoping we are competitive and win. (At least be competitive ?)

I'll be there with my rain gear and as usual stay until the bitter (hopefully sweet) end.

Oski wee wee?:umbrella:?

Going through our starting lineup and it is the worst I have seen in recent memory. How many of the players are blue chip keepers to build around? We are pretty close to a expansion team really. Most of the good players are tagged with a big salary that if we cut them we could spend = $$$ and replace them.
Who are the teams 5 most valuable players even that if they would be offered up at their current contract would have the most value?
It is not easy to find!
Sad reality for this team that has been run into the ground.

With that forecast - wet and winds gusting up near 60 km/hr throughout - it is all going to come down to who can handle the wind better.

Interesting Depth chart as usual (to say the least) A few observations :

First the Defence:

I see once again for about the hundredth time it seems (actually more like 30 plus times) since the start of last season more new names in the secondary . Brooks I believe is dressing for his second game , his first was as an emergency last second replacement for E.Davis due to a bout of food poisoning a few weeks back . I don't think he started that game though and was one of our 4 D.I.'s in that contest . This time he is drawing in for Umbamba who goes onto the 1 gm IL .The other newcomer is Odiase who we picked up off of waivers from the Stamps earlier this week drawing in as our number 6 DB . Rookie Richard Leonard is the only DB on the team that has started every game for us this year . Not surprising really considering the never ending parade of DB's this team has churned out game after game since the start of last season .

Cdn Curtis Newton comes in off the PR as the 3rd string MLB but basically will be playing strictly specials in this game .

The D-Line shows 5 of the 7 players in rotation all as rookies with all 4 interior men being in that category as well as #1 draft pick McGough backing up at end . DT's Neill and Whitlock are both only playing their 2nd game each with the team . Whitlock has to be the smallest interior lineman in the league listed at only 5'10" and a rather light for the position weight of only 250 lbs .

The Offence :

First the Captain Obvious "Elephant in the room" move , Masoli will be starting at QB over Collaros .

The much maligned O-Line remains intact from last game . draft choice Braden Schram comes off of IL and listed as a backup but in all likelihood he will be one of the two game day scratches .

The starting receivers for this game look kinda scary and I don't mean that in a good way . Sleepy B draws a starting assignment and honestly I don't know what he's done of late to merit or deserve a starters role . The team due to ratio issues has to once again start two Cdns , unfortunately one of these starters is Johnny "one catch" Aprile who frankly won't be scaring anyone on the Argo D . Jones is our other Cdn starter who has had an up and down season to say the least but unlike Aprile at least shows some potential . DaMarr Aultman gets demoted to the PR for this one (not sure of the reasoning for this move ? ) and newcomer Collins Jr (not to be confused with Jr Collins) suits up for his first game with the team listed as a backup behind Saunders . Tyms listed as the backup to Aprile but will probably for the 2nd game in a row be a game day scratch . So basically that leaves Tasker as the only reliable guy for Masoli with any extended experience to throw to in today's game .

And lastly there is the running backs/fullback position which doesn't see any changes from last game . Not that it really matters since we don't use any of them anyways . Look for Gable to get his usual 5 or 6 carries for the game most likely all in the first half and for Prime to be standing on the sidelines all game as usual . Timmis if he's lucky might see the ball for a play or two but basically will be on specials all game along with Thomas Erlington .