Ticats / Argos Labor Day Predictions

Ticats 29
Argos 25

Only 15, 000 fans takes away some of our thunder. A train wreck of an OLINE and key injuries to Addison, Posey, Van Zeyl, and knicked up Laurent, Masoli, Wynn and maybe Ciante Evans could be hurt

Argos secondary might be their weakest link and and our biggest strength.

Maybe a break out game for SpeedyB ?
We will need to key on DJ Foster and Eric Rogers.

I hope we dress Don Jackson to help our run game . Wes Hills helped vs Montreal too bad he got injured and put to the 6 game injury list.

Should be able to sub in Don Jackson similar to Wes Hills last week if Domagala is in. Heard than Wynn and Davis were practicing so defence should be close to full strength. I think it will be a good, tight game, Cats in a squeaker. Expect the Argos to win at home next Friday. If Hamilton loses both they can pretty much kiss any shot at first place goodbye.

In a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, Dane is starting the LDC: Ticats name Dane Evans starting QB for 2021 Labour Day Classic against Argos | 3DownNation

That should make it closer.having a qb that cant escape the rush but I still see the cats in a low scoring game

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It's going to be a wild one. Tom Vallesi (who may be retired, I don't know) is going to have another Chernobyl go off in his cranium when he witnesses Simoni being dragged down the field by his facemask (because at CFL referee school, they're taught anytime things go sideways on a football field that has #21 in black-and-gold on it, #21 has to be the bad guy) and Frankie and Tunde are going to get tossed, Tunde for tripping over a ref who's just too slow to get out of his way, and Frankie for talking too loud, but Evans is going to go Dane-iac on the Argo secondary with over 400 yards, and the final will be Tiger-Cats 38 - Argos 27.

Ah yes. "Rib injury"

Cracked, broken, or separated wouldn't suprise me. This, copied from cfl.ca/transations, might mean that Jeremiah is headed to the injured list:
|2021-09-04|HAM|WATFORD, David|QB|A|Hampton|Add To|Active Roster|
|2021-09-04|HAM|WATFORD, David|QB|A|Hampton|Remove Signed|Free Agent|

"Sore" wouldn't surprise me either.

If Watford is activated and Masoli still listed as no. 2 the ribs story is absolute bollocks.

Those are some really specific predictions.

What is this? The football version of the movie "Groundhog Day"?

Yes. Or bruised may just be the diagnosis. The way the coach spoke of Jeremiah's "toughness," when confirming that Dane would be the Game 3 starter, is the main reason I think it may be more than that.

Looking over this week's injury report and guessing at what we'll see when the depth chart comes out today. C. Evans and Hills to injured and, possibly, joined by Rolle and/or Masoli. With C. Evans, Rolle and Stribbling all on the report, I think there's a strong chance we'll see Anthoula Kelly play for the first time. In better news, with Davis active and Wynn, perhaps ready to return, there could be a an overload of available DL talent. Autry was moved to the P.R., this week, and one or two others, from last game, will have to come out, as well. And, fair chance we'll see Don Jackson or, less likely, Irons added on offence.

I'm surprised all the Masoli fanboys haven't been calling for him to start.

That's why you keep a quality backup. It's for when your starter is hurt. Ask Calgary,bc,argos

That's a luxury few can afford.

Waiting to see the Argo depth chart today. If Bladek and Blake are still out on covid protocol their o-line could be substantially weakened. Time for the Ticat D-line to show their stuff.

Tomorrow will be a very interesting day,
Burn or kiss the witches?
I expect that thread count hits 400. With A LOT of in fighting. Hamilton will either be a Grey Cup team Champion a fire sale team.

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I expect a lot of activity on the forum tomorrow as well. I don't know about the fighting part though. I have been on this forum for many years and look forward to the GDT for a lot of intelligent commentary on strengths, weaknesses, key match ups etc. It is what I look forward to the most. I have learned a lot from these folks over the years.


I'm going to congratulate (....fill in blank....) for an outstanding game now so as not to get into DEEP DOGGY DOO DOO.:poop: