Ticats @ Argos June 22 - pre-game thoughts

My top 10 questions:

  1. Will Simoni be suspended, and if so, who takes his place?

  2. Will Tasker be ready to play?

  3. Will STE be ready to play, and if not, does that change our whole strategy around the ratio?

  4. Will Rhaney continue to start at centre over Filer?

  5. Will Breaux continue to look like a mere mortal, with QBs now throwing in his general direction?

  6. Is our defence actually weak against the run, or did it just look that way in week 1?

  7. Can Reinebold’s special teams continue to be a game-changer for us?

  1. Was our lackluster offence in game 1 due to a strong SSK defence? We shall find out against a (presumably) more average TOR defence.
  1. Can Masoli get his groove back?

  2. Will a week 1 bye prove to be an advantage or a disadvantage for TOR? They are more rested, but we have had more reps.

This is the game that was moved to accommodate the Arkells concert next door. Interestingly, that makes two games in a row that were moved to an earlier start time for non-football reasons. I wonder how many fans will spill over in either direction?

I believe that Chamblin will have his guys ready to play in game 1.

He has a history in Sask of doing this. While other teams use preseason to evaluate, he tends to use one game as a priority to intsall his starting units and give them the reps that they feel they need to be ready for the real thing. High tempo practices and high expectations always keep his guys sharp.

2012 surprised everyone starting 3-0.
2013 mangled Esks in week 1 and went 5-0 and 8-1.
2014 destroyed Hamilton with 10 sacks and went 8-2.
even in 2015 were putting the boots to Winnipeg with over 200 yards offense before Durant exited early 2nd quarter.

When people criticize Chamblin’s teams for fading down the stretch, I actually believe that it’s the rest of the teams raising to match the intensity while Chamblin’s teams can afford to rest their nicks and bruises because they won the early games that count just as much as the late ones.

Chamblin’s teams have always been among the most if not THE most ready to hit the ground running in top gear week 1. Very interested to see if this will still be the case with the Argos.

Our offense definitely needs to get going alot more so than last week. Several times I saw addison and banks wide open by a mile on post and out routes and instead masoli dumped it underneath for a 4 yard gain instead of a 20+ yard gain. Minus the Td we were super reluctant to throw deep and they just kept stacking the box and applying pressure.

On defense for the most part I was very pleased minus the run stopping and especially QB contain. All said though not bad at all and a job well done by mark Washington.

Reinebold back has to be one of the best parts of this offseason. Massive boost to our ST unit

I expect another healthy dose of RB’s Tyrell Sutton, James Wilder, Brandon Burks and Chris Rainey

You forgot their best one.

Mercer Timmis revenge game. Not sure we can withstand him on D.

I don’t have a good feeling about this game. I think the Argos are going to take us out.
We don’t have the offence to get the job done.

Hamilton is going to walk all over the arblows this Saturday.

I’d expect a win by at least two majors.

Thoughts? Thinking this may be the longest fans have gone in the digital age without a practice/ player status update from someone in media.

This market, for actual team news, is horribly served.

Drew Edwards of 3downnation has been noticeably absent.
His last story on 3down was May 24th, he hasn’t even been on twitter, his last twitter was May 25th.

Most 3down pieces now are signed as 3down staff

I hope all is well with him. :frowning:

Also Milton hasn’t been real active lately CFL wise

I agree the coverage has not been anywhere close to what we usually get!

3downnation is mostly glorified fan blogs with people no more informed than us.
Milton is a columnist. Day to day was never his job. Spec is running on fumes but that shouldn’t mean a complete void of simple info.

Lack of media coverage is a pretty foreseeable consequence to the demise of paid journalists and paid subscriptions to media publications. It’s what we as a society apparently wanted when we decided that all information should be free.


I deal with it on a daily basis.

Customers want more, for free, then complain about quality.

An interesting society, with less than interesting expectations, we live in today.

So, what you are complaining about is the lack of “glorified fan blogs” giving you information?

Lots of opinions to read, lots of it are dubious in value, some worth reading. But opinons aren’t news.

Wanting to know, for example, the status of Tasker (5 days and counting after an injury) or Tracy (never explained) and roster juggling isn’t asking a lot.

Is it?

Yeah we get what we pay for, which in this case is nothing.

With Trudeau’s media bailout with tax payer money you will be paying for nothing if the void isn’t filled.

I just checked Ticketmaster, and there are not many tickets left for the game. I think it might be close to a 19,000 people reduced stadium sell out. Hopefully they put tarps or flags over that empty upper closed section because it looks terrible on TV.

Team adds import DB, DE and WR to practice roster. WR Grant released.

PM me for details and who to write out cheque to. Ain’t doing this for free.

Last year I paid nothing and got to watch every June Jones media scrum.

Let’s petition to have a “Like” button available after each post. You won’t make any money but at least you will win the popularity contest.