Ticats, Argos Injury Report: Lawrence a full participant on Tuesday

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have shared their first injury report of the week, ahead of their game on Saturday against the Toronto Argonauts.

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If Lawerence Woods isnt able to play vs the argos , Adeleke Does have experience returning

The abuse of the 'Questionable' Status is getting way out of hand - thanks O'Shea - It comes off as super petty. I lose respect for teams that do it, and the league for not addressing it. Please make these reports relevant again by bringing integrity back to it. Thank you, to the teams that haven't sold their souls.

I am expecting my hometown Argos to have another solid home outing in Week 9 versus the Hamilton Tiger Cats. The Argos will bounce back from last weeks tough loss versus the "Dreadblacks"1-7 at present. MBT has improved immensely since becoming the :anchor: 's :hash: :one: Pivot. The defense continues to improve, but must tackle better versus the Cats. :exclamation:

P.S Give the ball to Andrew Harris plus 20 times. :100: :gem:

You are certainly an optimist Ace. We will see whether Team Jekyll or Team Hyde shows up today.

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Thanks for your loyal support Jon. After coming off back to back 4-14 seasons. My :anchor: 's went 9-5 last year. Now that were back to a 18 game season, the skies the limit. :100: :canada: :football:

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