Attention Ticats Management and Players .

We have to kick the ARGOS butt this week . This means everything to your fans especially at home . Let's frighten RAY at pressure he has never seen befor and fear he has never experience and lets stuff Boyd all day long .

Our vets need to get together ..Stala Cobourne , Burris , Fantuz and say hey enough is enough it's time to play and bring it .

We need to blitz our linebackers more and get RAY rattled ....We need ourt dlineman to step up and get some sacks or they won't have a job for long . i still think we need to being in Anwar Stewart since Peach isn;t coming back soon . We can't with thsi 4 man rush and that is why we need to blitz ...The ArGO line i snot good and their receivers are ok.

Giguerre let's show what you can do man ..you are a mchine so crush those ARGOS
and Fantuz le't go a big 100 yard game is needed her e

I think the cats need to dress Coburne and use Walker alot like thigpen or terry grant and walker can return kicks as well ....we need avons toughness, leadership and tough yards running ....

I agree with you gerbear9; I like Walker, but I don't see him as an every down back, he should be used more like you suggest.

Agreed, agreed and agreed. Being 0-3 is simply unacceptable from this team. However, the one caveat is unless we do indeed get a pass rush we'll have to score 30 plus again but that is certainly reasonable with the offence we have at least on paper but of course I know that the games are not played on paper. However, 36 points against BC is not exactly shabby. Yes, I understand that we got a great td on special teams but so did BC and there is no need to comment further on our lack of coverage then to say it was .... suspect.

My kingdom for a pass rush. No DB's on any team can cover for four or more seconds on most plays which is what our db's have had to do. Do we have great db's? I think we really cannot tell until Hinds come back and we get a much better pass rush. I did think we were bettter in BC but the stats don't lie, one sack in two games in the CFl is not close to good enough let alone in Hamilton where defence is or more accurately was the team trademark. My guess is the team with the most defensive pressure wins on Saturday and I sure hope it's the Cats.

I brought 7 extra people to the home opener and they have little interest in coming back and I cannot provide them with a good reason to unless we start playing well.

My two cents,