Ticats / Argos Contest

38 - 13 for the A&60$ :cry:

Smurfs 36 - Tats 8

Cats: 36...Argos: 27

Math says 29-21 Argos...

Actual guess probably something more like 27-25 blew team...

i may be counting on myself to supply a lot of crowd noise that day...

Sorry folks but reality check time. Won't matter who we start as this team is 0-8 and an 0-8 team will show up to be POUNDED by the Argosnots. R.Ray will embarrass this team and once again. Sadly I must call an Argo win (not really what I want but I'm a realist). It will be:
Argrosnots 44 PussyCats 20

.....again, I hope I am wrong! :frowning:

Turning a new leaf, have decided to just relax, sit back and enjoy the game, regardless of the score. Labour Day at THF, Ti-Cats at home to the Argos, cold beer, warm September night in my new Labour Day Classic T-shirt (promised but not yet delivered), fire works to open the game. Does summer end any better? A win maybe will be the ice cream on the pie, but I'm still eating pie!

P.S. My wife says she will believe that when she sees it. Negative Nellie, eh? (BTW, Hamilton wins a squeaker, 24-22, you saw here first).

Can you post video proof of your new found “relaxed” state at the game??

Lol no… My beauty is for everyone to behold…

Blew Team: 34
Puddy Tats: 16

Ricky Ray gets pounded this week in CGY

TiCats win the LDC, book it

Blues blow buy us.

8)OK, JAG, I guess I better get in on this too !!

My wild prediction...Argos 38...TiCats 17.

Can't believe what has transpired with this team in the last week !! Even beats the good old
days, doesn't it ?? :wink: :wink:

Argos have just too much talent at this point for us to beat them !! :frowning: :frowning:

Cats 31
Blows 27
take the over

Sad to say with all the distractions and the current level talent, we get smoked and embarrassed to a high level. I hope I am totally wrong. I gave my seats away for the first time in 12 years.

Well played, Palmer, well played. I’ll PM you shortly.


Nice job Palmer (insert thumbs up here ) the only thing you got wrong was the warm September night part. :o ;DNow hows about a prediction for this weeks Lotto numbers ? 8)

Missed all ten of 50/50 numbers by a couple of hundred each (again!) so I guess my streak was ended at one? Not so the Cats!