Ticats / Argos Contest

Things have been a bit gloomy as of late.

So, let's add a bit of levity and fun to these boards...

Be the first to correctly guess the final score of the upcoming September 4th game vs Toronto and I'll give you something cool.

Submissions end at kick-off.


p.s..... It's good to be back.

  1. Yes, JAG, good to see you back, where have you been ?? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

27-26 Ticats 8)...that would be all the cool I could handle.

Hello Tipper. Life just gets busy, my friend… that and I couldn’t remember my password. :wink: Hope all is well on your end.

44-26 Argos. Yecchhh. :cry:

The way Ray is playing this year, he will rip us to shreds. I think this is going to be embarassing at home. Hope I'm wrong.

33-13 Blue.

Tiger-Cats - 23

Argos - 19

Argblows 31 - Cats 34.

43 / 15 ARGOS

48-17 blue team....sorry

WOW....very close to my prediction...

I will say 41 - 14

and the place will be almost empty in the 4th quarter

need to clarify my 41-14 for the Argos

TOR 33

It will depend on who KA decides to start at QB: if it's the loyal one... not a chance of a Cats victory... if Masoli gets the nod, there's a much better possibility although still unlikely of an upset facing Ricky Ray.

Have we scored over 30 points this season?
Im going with arhols 42 us 12
Op if im right i dont want no prize for it :cry:

I'm not into making predictions, so I won't make one. Just wanted to say that as a long-time STH I am not looking forward to watching this game at all. Sure, I'll be there booing the Argos and hoping for the best, but I know what I'm watching and thinking about ALL the problems that this team has just demoralizes me. The feeling I'll get before attending this game will be like going to a funeral....something that we must do at times, but not something we really enjoy. :cry:

No sir. But 28 twice and 26 once. Also, as more games pass without reaching 30 points the probability of doing so goes up. It’s the CFL.

Have we scored over 30 points this season he asks ?? Of course we have ::)…in the last two games we’ve played we scored 30 points…oooooops !!! that was the last two games we’ve played total points combined …Never mind !!! :-[ :frowning:

Anyways as for my prediction on this year’s “So Called” Classic ? I’ll just go with the status quo for this forgettable season…and say…

2017 Avg score to date for the Cats per game : opponents 39 Cats 18

Sounds about right…so keeping with that : Toronto 39 Cats 18

Yup , I’m afraid to say it but it looks like Owen Nine here we come :cry: Halfway to immortality on our quest for the “Perfect” season in reverse . :-\

Oh and by the way just in case any of ya’s are wondering what the prize is for the winning score ?
Here it is Folks !!! One size fits all…may the lucky winner wear it proudly…ps personally I think it would look great on you Chestmaster ;D 8)


43 /7ARGOS