Ticats, Argos Consider Blackouts

Tiger-Cats Consider Television Blackouts

From the National Post

Posted: April 22, 2010, 1:00 PM by Mark Masters
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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are considering using television blackouts during the upcoming season, according to club president Scott Mitchell.

"We have used them in the past and we will consider using them in the future and at this point in time that's up in the air," said Mitchell.

Canadian Football League teams have the option of blocking local television coverage of their home games. The Ticats did not blackout any games last season, but did exercise that option during the previous campaign.

"I don't think there is any question on a short-term basis blackouts are effective in terms of driving ticket sales so you have to measure that against what your franchise objectives are and what your plan as a whole is," said Mitchell.

The Toronto Argonauts are also considering using blackouts during the upcoming season.

Last year, 10 CFL games were blacked out. The BC Lions blacked out five games, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers blacked out three games and the Edmonton Eskimos and Calgary Stampeders blacked out one game each.

Each team may blackout up to five games per season except for the Argos. A clause in the CFL's television-rights contract with TSN limits the Argos to two blackouts per season so as to ensure the network isn't blocked access to the country's largest market too often.

Terrible idea. Surely they can't be so short-sighted.
Blackouts are likely not to even be part of next television deal. No long term good can come out of them...

Blackouts are steps backwards.

watching exciting games on TV is likely to persuade fans to attend games in the future.

a game being blacked out from TV doesn't influence many people to go to games. winning and exciting brands of football do.

put winning and exciting football on the field, people will see this on tv and attend games in the future.

This has David Braley written all over it. He loves blackouts and is a big proponent of using them.

I don't know what's more surprising... that the Argos can only blackout two games, or that the Lions blacked out five last season... :?

Terrible idea. Did anyone not learn from the Chicago Blackhawks a few years ago? None of their games were on TV and they got 10,000 per game, now they have a great team, all 41 home games are in HD and now they cram 22,000 per game. Wake up people who think blackouts work! :expressionless:

Totally agreed. blackouts in Ontario during the late 1980's early 1990's are what caused a lot of the problems the CFL has in Southern Ontario. The games need to be on TV.

Stupidity. If this happens I might well consider cancelling my seasons tickets. :x :x :x

This a good move by the Ti-Cats. CFL teams survive by fans buying tickets, not watching on TV.

This is true, except by blacking out games you can lose potential fans. And honestly, how many more fans does a blacked out game bring in? maybe a few hundred? they do more harm than good in my opinion.

This is an extreme example. Chicago was getting 10,000 per game for a number of reasons, not the least of which they weren't a very good team! They caught lightning in a bottle. Rocky Wirtz succeeded his much-maligned old man, they became a fast, exciting hockey club (the main reason for the sell-outs), and yes, they exposed their product.

But there's a big difference between no games on TV (Chicago Blackhawks) and all 9 televised away games + plus at least 2 home blackouts lifted....plus playoffs (CFL). No one can say their brand isn't exposed.

This is still a gate driven league. The formula is, and will continue to be, quite simple. Sell out and the blackout is lifted. Don't sell out and it's not. The NFL, by the way, is no different.

There is an impact on the broadcaster's rights. To me this is another example why teams need to look at revenu sharing.
If you have a few teams losing money and they blackout games and down the road the broadcaster uses it against you and you end up paying by getting less money for your tv rights. You are robbing Peter to pay Paul. Most heavy sport fans have HD feeds anyway so local blackouts are not 100 per cent.

Just about every Canadian NHL Team has pay-per-view, so why not do zero blackouts, and designate a few games as PPV? :cowboy:

Blackouts are terrible for the game. At least delay the broadcast? Something…anything but a blackout.

Nothing drives me crazier than making a plan to watch a something, and looking forward to it ALL day, then when the hu=our comes, it is blacked out in my area!! Boo the blackout idea! At least Hamilton will be fun to watch. But the Argos… :smiley: Just kidding Argo fans…but seriously 8)

So true argofan. Especially kids, hear in southern Ontario we have a lot of immigrant families, kids are becoming part of Canadian culture, and may tune into CFL games, these kids when they get older could be potential season ticker holders.

i've never heard of the habs, sens or leafs doing this.

The leafs sorta of do with LeafsTV. but it's not PPV, you have to buy the channel.

Sorry, I'm in Vancouver...the Nucks, Flames, and Oilers do this, so I assumed the other 3 must do so as well. I'm a little shocked they don't! That's another big form of revenue.

Bad idea. Stupid idea. Idiotic idea. There is no need to do this. With the league experiencing near-unprecedented levels of exposure and acclaim right now it would be absolutely foolish to do anything that would negatively impact that. This would be a step back. The league should be doing everything it can to put more stuff out there, not less. People are interested, so keep them interested. Taking games off TV would have the opposite effect.

Knowing my luck a blackout will occur one of the few time’s i’m out of town because of work and have to miss a game.So I say… HELL NAW!!No blackouts!
Beside’s, people in Hamilton are just starting to become interested in the Ticats again city wide (there are the 100,000 or so die hard faithful who never stopped watching however).
PS. don’t quote me on my numbers, I just know there are alot of die-hards out there even if they don’t attend games at IWS, they’d still slug ya one if you talked trash about their Ticats.
Keep the momentum going, GO CATS GO!!