Ticats-Arghos game moved

Moved location?
Moved time?
Enquiring minds want to know!

No venue change. They just moved up the Ticats -Argos game from 7pm to 4pm.

This is an awesome idea. Now we can go to the Arkells concert at the Amphitheatre.

Arkelle are huge TiCats fans so I would think they will be at the game. After opening act I’m sure they don’t hit the stage til 8:30 or 9

And the dark legacy of The Wiggles Incident recedes further into the past, as the Argos finally learn to cooperate with musicians instead of being bullied and trampled by them.

(In fairness, those guys still look vicious, even 15 years later. A ukulele can become a deadly weapon quite easily.)


Gotta admit, this one’s pretty cool.

The Arkells, Ticats, Argos, and TSN all working together to make this happen is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CFL.

and I love every second of it.

they are just setting up for their Grey Cup halftime show in the Hammer! :slight_smile:

what its not tell 2021 how can they besetting up for their Grey Cup halftime show in the Hammer! dont get what you saying

They (The Arkells) are showing (continuing to show) their commitment and interest in the team.

setting up for their Grey Cup half time performance.