Ticats Are Winning the Grey Cup

I risk it all right here and throw myself at the mercy of the Tiger Cats. ARE… YOU… IN?

I’m in, “regadless.” Even though I’m not from Baston. :wink:

LOL Funny....With all of Bob's fortune you'd figure he'd fork over for an Edit tab for the Options!

Mods please delete this thread. It’s embarrasing. I was obviously under the influence of some pretty strong medication. All these guys are gonna beat are themselves.

In fairness…you didn’t say when.

Yeah. What he said. That’s the ticket. :slight_smile:

Any way you could let us know which of your posts are being written under the influence of the pretty strong meds?

8)I would venture to say that 95% of his posts are written under the influence of some pretty
strong meds :smiley: :smiley: ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Well it is legal now and you would have to be pretty stoned to think that this team is actually capable of winning the Cup . 8)

Only the 100% of them that you don't agree with! :wink:

That’s a little unfair. I think you once posted a Springsteen reference that I thought was OK.

It’s only the stuff you say about football and politics that makes me recoil in terror.