TiCats Are Not Entertaining

This team is not entertaining. The coaches call predictable plays, with predictable results, usually two and out. Most games are over by half-time and the long pass is an endangered species. Kick returners run sideways and covering kicks is a sure-fire no yards penalty. Losing can be condoned. But losing while providing no entertainment (except to the visiting teams sports scribes) is a recipe for disaster. Taafe may be the greatest coach since Vince Lombardi (I seriously doubt that) but he has turned an exciting game into a buck and a five yard pass tedium of boredom. I don't have any answers, but I do know that ticket holders should demand some return for their money (i.e. entertainment) and we are certainly not getting it with the present team and especially their ultra-conservative head coach. Colour me bored and colour me gone.

You could have posted this anytime over the last 3 years.
Another year and the same issues.
I can not believe that we can not get a friggin kick return game going.

Oh well, I feel better now!

I thought the no yards thing went away a few games ago?

at least i have my NY Giants to hold me off till next year, but i'd rather have a good Cats team than a good Giants team

Different yr same result i just cant wait till our owners dont worry be happy speach and how great this season was and hes learned from his mistakes etc etc

EITHER is this completely inane thread ... but atleast the Cats have an UPSIDE.


I agree, and I never liked Taafe even when he was with Montreal, I always felt like he was holding the team back with his stupid ball control offence. It wasn't until the don came in and brought in a proper CFL offence that they started to shred defences. Also Taafe wanted the Montreal gig this year and Popp told him to get lost.