Ticats are Hummin is just like our defense


"Musically we wanted to have a Rolling Stones kind of rock and roll song that would sound good at a football game."

I know that I am only going to come off as an a-hole but c'mon... The Rolling Stones?!?! It sound closer to a Hanson song than a Rolling Stones song.

This is supposed to be a FOOTBALL song!

I still have not been able to listen to the entire song because it's slow, boring, and the lyrics are cheesy.

It seems like anything that the 'Cats touch goes poorly. Are we cursed?

Mark Hominick loses a one sided fight (5th round excluded) against Aldo and then gets KTFO against the Korean Zombie and then loses a split decision against Eddie Yagin (who? exactly!).

Now this song.


Lets start winning so I can be less of an a-hole.

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2012/09/03/the_arkells_hamilton_tiger_cats_ivor_wynne_stadium_song/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... dium_song/[/url]

Absolutely. The song is horrible. It’s so brutally boring it will just serve as background noise. The Cats should have enlisted a band with a more hard driving sound. Something that would pump up the fans and players with adrenaline and excitement.

I am so glad that somebody else sees what I'm talking about.

There's nothing about this song that stands out. This song would be good at a hipster coffee shop where it's simply in the background and nobody is actually listens to it.

When I think of "sports songs" I think of songs like...

Welcome to the Jungle
We will rock you
Hey man nice shot


Please let this song fad away just like our alternative logo with the white helmets.

Why don't the Arkells base a new (and better!) song based on Oskee WeeWee...? That is, after all, the official cheer, isn't it?

Glad I am not the only one who shares this opinion. The song is so cheesy.

Good for the team in supporting a local band but please don't let this song EVER contain the words "Official team song".

Imagine seeing the boys in Black and Gold run onto the field while this song is playing?!?!?

Love the song. Thank God for the video and the jet and WW2 airplanes. That pathetic display of football, yet again, is becoming disenchanting. 3-6 :thdn:

Give me back the Bellefeuille team.

Greg Marshall, original one from Western, looks pretty good right now, or Bellefeuille. Ok, Bob Young doesn't have a clue how to run an on-field operation and changes coaches like on the next thought that comes in his head, but off field, very nice and dedicated. Love that aspect Bob. :thup: You're a great owner and I'll stay as a season ticket holder for ever with you as Caretaker, knowing the GC isn't going to happen likely with you as an owner. Just what I think, I hope I'm wrong. Many owners in pro sports never do get a ring, and with this crap defense, ain't going to happen any time soon that's for sure. Although season isn't over yet and we still have a chance, true enough. Forgot, Burris with his experience doesn't throw that INT for a TD, so it's not all on the D for sure, I will say that.

Agree Captain, Arkells song works excellently. :thup:

Now all that being said, it was a great time at the stadium today, a 9 out of 10, only a win would have made it a 10 out of 10.