Ticats Are All Talk..

man, i dont know what it is abuot thsis team , every artiucle i read i get pumped before a game because of what the players and coaches say.. but ive caught on, they know there no good, they know they cant win, they say things to keep up going an dinterested.
take this for instinst
"We're going to come out swinging and we're going to throw some good punches," he said.(kevin eakin)
now ive read almost the same thing from differnt players each week about the next game, i think they know whats going on and they cannot win, so until they put there money where there mouths are, this team's pooh, lol i would like to see them win dont get me wrong but man! i wanna f'n win! :slight_smile::slight_smile:

You should put your posts through the spell check...seriously!

could you not understand what he was saying? because if ya couldnt thats kinda sad. i dont think we need to complane about everything

Here is one. Bookmark it.



It looks to me like those weren't spelling errors blitz21 made, they were typing errors .

i.e. man, i dont know what it is abuot thsis team , every artiucle i....

rftt, IIRC Blitz recently had some repairs done to him to close up some stabbing wounds. I know that when "I" am on pain killers, my typing skills are not up to par.

Time for talk is over. Time to produce some wins. In the words of Al Davis, “Just win , baby !” Go, Cats , Go!

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Proof read people !!!

And if you miss something after you submit it, hit the edit key and correct it.


now back to my topic, in todays report, "starting fresh" you hear abuot tay cody talkin abuot this is going to be a new begining on friday in the peg and how no1's head is down and that there gunna be all firing 100%! tell me you people belive this.. a team has won, 1 game by a feild goal and there gunna go out there fighting like there going to prove somthing.. gimme a break, this team is tired and will just act the same way they have all year round.

Keep your cool Blitz. Keep posting. Get well and let's focus on football.

i am but when people are always out to complain(especialy ticats fans) its hard to focus on anything on here, heck i even had sombody start a threa abuot my signature picture becuz som1 doesnt liek it, so they go and try to complain to every1 abuot it, gimme a breeeeaaaak would yah

yep, i used to do that last year with the bombers..but at least this year they actually follow thru and keep their words

oh yah..on Doug Brown's spin zone last night, kevin glenn was the special guest, and he said that the bombers will have some 'special' new plays for the pussy cats :rockin:

and if u guys can remember last game, when stegall was wide open in the back of the endzone and the pass fell short..before the play all of the confusion that was going on was the team was practicing that play on the opposite hash..and the play they were doin was some kinda trick play

um k.. go away, we dont like you.

when was the last time the cats did a trick play? they need some

thats the best idea ive heard of in a wile. :thup:


That's funny, I've always thought us website posters are the ones who are all talk.