TiCats are #3!!! (TSN power rankings)

TSN Power Rankings for the week tab the tabbies at #3!
Cats have won 4 of the last 5 and appear to be coming together on both sides of the ball in recent weeks.
Keep up the good work fellas. :thup:

  1. Calgary
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Hamilton
  4. BC.
  5. Toronto
  6. Montreal
  7. Winnipeg
  8. Edmonton
[b]This Week 3 (Last Week 4) Hamilton Tiger-Cats 5-5

The Tiger-Cats built up a “team to watch? reputation based off three wins over the Blue Bombers and one over the Eskimos heading into their home and home series with the BC Lions. Their case is a little more convincing now, having split the series and looking real good while doing so. Hamilton’s offence is humming along as it always does, what was encouraging this weekend was the defence’s performance. Simoni Lawrence led the unit to perhaps their best game in the last three or so years in helping the team get back to .500.[/b]


Nice to see,
This team is improving,
Calgary on the road will be a real test!

dont usually agree with tsn but this time I just have to. Except, I am not sure BC shouldnt be lower. Probably will be after either toronto and or montreal steps up.

Regardless of how anyone views the TSN Power Rankings, congrats TiCats
for being 3rd. Can't wait until Fridays game. With a win, then what 2nd for beating
the number 1 team? Regina bound!!

I think this series is gonna split myself. I'm looking but not expecting a victory in Calgary. A good showing though is a must regardless. Just keep showing improvement and the score will eventually take care of itself.

Putting a good thumping on Montreal in Moncton though I think is the bigger game. Setting the tone of those three games early, and getting on step closer to that tie-breaker and knocking a division rival down a peg is far more important in my eyes.

The Cats could very well lead the rankings as early as next week if they win against the Stamps and Toronto puts the beatdown on the Riders.

sometimes dreams become realities. :thup:

Yes, the team is improving, but it's also easier to move up the rankings when Toronto is missing Ray and Owens, and Montreal is missing Calvillo and S.J. Green.

Captain- stop clouding the issue with fact

And Brandon Whitaker and Chad Kackert...don't forget them. Although I thought Jamel Richardson was out, not SJ Green.

All teams get injuries they have to deal with.
Ticats have had more than their share.
I think third place ranking is accurate.
What I really like here is that this is another sign of improvement.
TSN is saying that after watching Hamilton in a Home & Home series with B.C. that Hamilton is the better team.
They wouldn't have said that a month ago.

TSN may have the Ticats in third, but the CFL rankings show no change and have us still in fifth!! :thdn: :thdn: I think that fourth - ahead of BC - would be a more accurate ranking for this week :smiley: :thup:

None of those have anything to do with the Cats continuous progression!

HAM had the gall to wear innaccurate uniforms. I would have put them just ahead of Bummers. Shame.

I'm going to see the Ticats in person this Friday @ McMahon, I'm totally expecting us to win there! :smiley: :rockin:

This is Great to see, finally getting some credit after a great win. Although we still have work to be done by playing a full 60 minutes but that will help us climb the rankings to number 1. Go CATS!


Of course you are right.

Agreed. No one said it did.

Agreed, I think 3rd is accurate. I wonder how much further their progression could have been if not for all the injuries earlier in the season.

Rankings are fun to debate, but realistically: "All that matters is that they win their last game of the year" - me September 11, 2013

:wink: :wink: :wink: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:


Only if they make the playoffs

I think 4th is more appropriate than 3rd.

Rankings aren't just about a team's progress, but about its performance relative to that of its competitors. If you stay the same (make no progress) but your competitors go downhill, your ranking will go up. If you stay the same and your competitors improve, your ranking will go down. If you make progress but your competitors do too, you'll stay the same.

Calgary, Sask and Toronto all have better records than Hamilton. Toronto has beaten us, Saskatchewan has done so twice (one an absolute wipe out), and we haven't played Calgary yet. Toronto is still winning even without Ray. I can see us being ahead of BC.. we split with them but won most recently and our win was more convincing than theirs, though no blow out.

If we beat Calgary we'll probably go up, depending what others do this week.

But in an 8 team league, rankings are just for fun. All that really matters is making the playoffs and winning the Grey Cup. Whoever wins that is ranked #1 the only time it means anything.

But in an 8 team league, rankings are just for fun. All that really matters is making the playoffs and winning the Grey Cup. Whoever wins that is ranked #1 the only time it means anything.
steve, you and me are on the same page. :thup:

No. 1 football team in the country, that is what it's about although Cathal Kelly wouldn't understand that at all. Hey, you can get a horse to water but can't make him drink, I think that's the saying? :wink: