TiCats @ Arblows

I thought so.
Watched it in slo-mo and it was reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllly close but Owens heel might've still been at the line of scrimmage.

Chris who?

Marcus Who? Chris Who?

Ummm...never mind the long season, that was a LONG return! LMAO

That puts us back in the game.
Nice run


no clue who you speak of. :smiley:

Dear Chris Williams; you are so not missed...

That is awesome.... we just keep plucking the return gems out of mid air!!

Lindsey Lamar Try!!!


Thigpen scored the same way to start his CFL career yes? like lamar....

Loved watching that pretend football player (kicker) get smoked!!!!!

Did we get away with an illegal block by Gable on the return? Wouldn't have mattered....

I hope the defence can save some face this series. Great special teams effort.

Nice move,Dee Webb...

Stupid penalty...

Im assuming that you're an official player than??

Anyway, I guess we'll be dead last in most defensive categories again this year! Great Penalty!

Woot.. Swayze muddied the Waters!!.. missed FG

Was an “official player”…lol

Kickers are out of work soccer players…

Lets see what our offense can do!!! Wide Right Waters…Lamar takes a knee, 8-7 Blows

The Cat's defence got out of that drive only giving up a single but they really need to tighten up.
Smiling Hank is coming on for his first drive. Let's see how much gas is in the tank.