TiCats @ Arblows

This thread will serve as a place mat in case BYF makes it here in time to enter his stellar GDT.

We know WHO is playing, WHERE they are playing and that the good guys will prevail...

Go Cats Go!!

I was looking for BYF's game thread as well but this will have to serve as a proxy.
The first game of the year is upon us.
The only thing that matters is getting the win, it's been 8 years since the Cats have won a season opener.
Go Cats

FNF is BACK on the air baby!!!!!

Hi folks!

Howdy Russ.. nice to see you tonight


Thank you…

You fans are part of our family! But sorry, no ring for you!

Glad the celebration wasn't too long.


Uhhmmmm. not a good start

D-Line looks great so far!!!


Stupid penalties...

Was that the Mexican announcers table that Durie went through?


Last years defence is back!!!

Lucky us...

OB no TD..


Was that not offside????

Jason Barnes TD 7-0 blows

"Argos Offense making it look easy" ->Matt Dunnigan

Looks like another long long season....

So...that was unpleasant. LOL

Well guys...

Frankly,after last season and the fact we don't really have a home,I felt this was going to be a good year to evaluate talent and if we did anything of note it would be a bonus....

PVR says.. yup.. that was offside