Ticats aquire Pequese

I like these moves that Obie has made but my question is to why these guys are available and why did we give up so little?

For Torrey, it sounds like a guy who took plays off.

For Peguese, he was a special teamer and DE. The guy they are replacing him with can play both DT and DE.

My point is, Calgary and BC are giving up on these guys because they feel they have better players, which is why we gave up future considerations. If these guys were good enough for those teams, they would make sure that these guys played, even if it were in a rotational situation.

I hope that these guys were out and we can actually start getting some pressure but I just don't see it happening.

I would be more enthusiatic if these guys were cuts from the NFL.

I read it on the forum before and I'm going to reiterate the comments again. We are NOT going to beat other teams in this league by trading for their backups and inserting them into our starting lineup. Does anyone not see the flaw in this logic????

Hmmm...... Not the greatest sign of things to come.....

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/football/bc-lions/Lions+coach+punts+rookie+Brandon+Peguese+Tiger/7221171/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/footb ... story.html[/url]

this x2

Amazing college stats does not mean amazing pro stats.

"I read it on the forum before and I'm going to reiterate the comments again. We are NOT going to beat other teams in this league by trading for their backups and inserting them into our starting lineup. Does anyone not see the flaw in this logic????"

I posted this in another thread but it fits in here perfectly as well.

I some cases rejects from other teams do work …

BC has the best dline in the CFL so the 5th Dlineman there could likely do well elsewhere …

Our linebackers are very good so the 4th linebacker could likely start elsewhere ( Joseph for example )
Also our receivers are strong so Kelly could start elsewhere …

In edmonton they have 3 quality running backs right now in Henry, Boyd , and Messum …one of those could start elsewhere
Winnipeg are loaded at DB with Javon Johnson , Heffney etc …the backups there are likely good as well

We also got Knowlton and Floyd and Jamal Johnson as players that were not starters in BC and they turned out pretty good .
Burris was the backup in Calgary too

The benefit of these guys is they have had a taste of the CFL amd thus are more game ready and they have been through the culture shock and all the rule differences etc …

If your back ups are good, you don't get rid of them. You keep them as long as possible. Most teams use a rotation on their dline so getting rid of him indicates to me that he really wasn't that good enough.

Floyd was a starter in BC. Rey Williams was a starter in SSK. You also have to look when these guys were aquired. In the offseason. That's a huge difference than in season. Teams try to retool in the off season by unloading some contract but if you look at the trades with BC, we actually gave up more than future considerations.

For a dlineman coming here from the NFL, the only major difference for them is lining up 1 yard off the ball. That's really it. Normally they don't play special teams and they have no responsibility for anyone coming out of the backfield. Their job is to get to the QB or stop the running back.

They couldn't stand pat. They had to do something. While I doubt that any of these guys is the second coming of Angie Mosca, if they can push the incumbents to greater efforts it will be worth bringing them in. Competition for jobs can only help.

An Argo-Cat

Doesn't sound great....but at least it wasn't performance based....

[url=http://www.theprovince.com/sports/football/bc-lions/Lions+coach+punts+rookie+Brandon+Peguese+Tiger/7221171/story.html]http://www.theprovince.com/sports/footb ... story.html[/url]

Maybe we just brought him in so he can knock out Creehan and then the Cats wont have to fire him :rockin:

Thats what they need in the midst of a losing streak...A head case!

Hopefully he has learned a lesson, we will see.

It did say some veterns agreed with wahtever he said. Well maybe we need some head cases to get things fired up.

Geez are we sure we want him? I know we need help but he sounds pretty negative…kinda like tommyboy’s posts!

If there is any dicension on the team among the players, the last thing we need is an agitator to stir things up even more.
On the other hand, if this guy stirs them up in a positive way, then maybe it will be a good thing. Given the current state of the team, I don't think the veterans are going to let him take us deeper into the abyss.

It seemed to work for BC last year when they picked up one of our rejects.

Aren't future considerations often conditional on how well the traded player plays? If he ends up not making the team, never dresses, or even ends up as a backup, then not much goes back in return. But if he ends up starting and does well, then the other team gets a bit better deal. At least, that's how I thought it worked. I could be wrong.

I think the Vancouver newspaper article about Peguese (don't feel like looking it up) said it was a conditional draft pick. So it's basically what you said, the round the pick is in will depend on how he does.

Bit of a difference between who the Cats picked up this year and who they gifted to BC last year.

yes, I believe that is correct CFO, although there is usually a specified time frame juxtaposed with the traded player.
To my scant knowledge, these performance clauses on conditional picks are not for infinite periods.

Very well said. Many of these guys could have been on the TiCats radar from scouting trips & FA camps in the past. Both these guys are NFL cuts, at least they have some CFL game experience. I for one am excited to see both of them have at it on Saturday.

Don't worry. Cortez will have the situation all under control. :stuck_out_tongue: