Ticats aquire Pequese

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I have to admit the recent Defensive Line additions look good and an improvement to what we have .

  1. Import defensive end Brandon Peguese from the BC Lions

This guy is a true rush end and was not starting in BC only because they are stacked at that position .

  1. Torrey Davis - Defensive Tackle - Picked up from CALGARY PLAYED AT FLORIDA

Huge Size and upside

espn scouting report

Davis has excellent size and wonderful upside. He has a great frame, carries his weight well and could easily be an athletic 300+ pounder. He plays a lot of defensive end, but he is going to be a penetrating, one-gap three technique at the college level. He gets off on

scout .com

Torrey Davis is a naturally gifted athlete with an unbelievable first step and the fastest hands of any defensive tackle in the country. His ability to disengage from a blocker allows him to get into the backfield quickly where he has the great reaction time to locate and make a play on the ball. However, his stand-up style of play may be better suited for a defensive tackle in the 6-1/6-2 range.

  1. Bruce Davis - DE UCLA

a THIRD ROUND PICK of the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2008

Has looked good with the cats so far
He has play 10 games with the LA RAIDERS


Davis is a disciplined player who gives good effort. He has good body control, stays on his feet and has demonstrated some ability to catch the football. He takes good angles when pursuing from the backside and shows good effort when finishing to the football. He times up his blitzes …


Played four seasons (2004-07) at UCLA…finished with the second-most quarterback sacks (29) and third-most tackles for losses (42.5) in school history…also added 120 tackles (85 solo) and six forced fumbles…named second-team All-Pac 10 in 2006 and first-team in 2007…played in the 2008 Senior Bowl.

Bruce Davis, DE, UCLA
Davis is a hybrid 3-4 outside linebacker or 4-3 defensive end. He does not have great size at 240 pounds, but plays with a great motor. Davis is at his best when he is able to pin his ears back and rush the passer. He has a tendency to get stonewalled by mammoth defensive tackles, but could benefit greatly from being moved around in the right defensive scheme. Davis is lightning quick and can beat most tackles with his first step. If he is playing against a tackle without sound footwork, he will harass the quarterback all day. He does play too high at times and can get stalemated when this happens. He moves very well laterally, which NFL coaches look for in a “tweener” prospect who may have to drop back into coverage. Davis struggles when teams pound the ball at him and he lacks ideal closing speed, but there’s a lot to like about his upside. Davis finished the season with 45 tackles (15.5 for a loss) and 12 sacks in 13 games. He has the athletic ability to develop into a productive pass rusher in any scheme and the tenacity to develop into an every-down outside linebacker in a 3-4-scheme. Davis disappeared a little bit at Senior Bowl practice. This may be because of all of the talent around him, or due to a position change as he is no longer playing with his hand on the ground. Davis will flourish if put in the right system. Davis had a good combine running a 4.72 forty yard dash, but weighed in at just 252 pounds. Davis will be a project player and will likely take a few seasons to grow into a starting outside linebacker in the NFL. Davis is the type of player that Bill Belichick has molded into an All-Pro. He is a high motor player that won’t quit on a play and will likely contribute for many years in the NFL.

Great post. Thanks!

I hope we get to see all three start in this next game. And I hope Creehan knows how to use them.

These 3 guys look like they can play and all are young with upside and good college backgrounds * Florida, UCLA , )

They will push the other guys who are here to fight more

I hope these guys all play next game ..we need some hunger and ability to rush the passer

I don't see anything "nice" about this.

All I see is desperation, trying to fix an abysmal defense by the all too typical revolving door that we've seen on our defence for the past few years now.

nothing new. This is just more of the same.

Hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see what's different..

If you're gonna pick up somebody else's defensive lineman, it might as well be BC's because they seem to be really good at finding them.

8) And BC is good at finding Quarterbacks, Linebackers, Running Backs, DB's, oh heck they are good at finding players
  that excell at every position !!!

   What the Cats  need to do is open their wallets and hire some first rate scouts that can find top quality players,
    that can step right in and be instant starters, and stars, like BC does !!

The Cats throw nickels around like they're man hole covers. This team has always been nickel and dime.

So did Andre Ware, Timmy Chang, Tee Martin, and on and on and on. . .

What did we give up for Peguese? Anybody hear anything?

We gave up "future considerations".

In football terms I have no idea what that means. It has always sounded shifty to me. Could someone please explain what that means?

Here at home I know what "future considerations" are, I give them to the wife all the time. I would explain, but this is a family forum.

What exactly would you like to see? More of the same? This defense sucks and you need to bring in new blood to fix this mess. Are these the right additions? Time will tell, but I can surely tell you that the existing situation is unacceptable. This season is basically over and it is pretty much entirely on this crappy defense.

I agree with you.

I was just saying there's nothing "nice" about this. The Ti-Cats have been doing this for a while and what have the results been?

I lean more towards patience and continuity, and on those grounds i was in favour of keeping Bellfeuille et al.

Now that Cortez is here, it looks like a step backwards, but hopefullly it'll result in two steps forward, but this will take time, but only if it is given time.


I sense that you're feeling the situation is hopeless, Cap'n,

Me too. Obie knows the situation is desperate. Obie is giving us hope.

Would you rather football ops just sat on their hands, Cap'n?

As soon as that horrible disgrace of a game was over Obie acted.

We both know that there are no guarantees in life. Lighten up.

These new guys could be what's needed to turn the Defence around.

You sir have the patience of job. The way things are going, to do nothing may mean you are the only tiger cat fan left on this earth. To hell with the status quo, we need to bring in players who can get the job done. This isn''t a training camp - this is mid season.

No, not hopeless. In fact I'd say chances are good that the Tiger-Cats make the playoffs, and if they get on a roll at the end of the season, find their groove ( particularly the D), then they could go all the way. Not hopeless at all. The offense and special teams have shown some rather potent strength.

Would you rather football ops just sat on their hands, Cap'n?

As soon as that horrible disgrace of a game was over Obie acted.

I don't care what they do, as long as the team improves.
We both know that there are no guarantees in life. Lighten up.
What are you talking about? Lighten up? I'm light.
These new guys could be what's needed to turn the Defence around.
Yup, as I've said before, they could be.

Who said anything about status quo?

Of course changes are needed.

Remember "Better is better"? Methinks that's become...

I like the trade.. any new names on the d line at this point cant hurt :cowboy:

great, I hope Pequese can set the defensive schemes and make the defensive calls for our defence, otherwise he is a band-aid trying to stop a bleeding wound