Ticats aquire Medlock from Esks

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-make-a-deal-with-eskimos]http://ticats.ca/article/tiger-cats-mak ... th-eskimos[/url]

YES!!!Finally someone reliable in the FG kicking department, maybe we can win more than 9 games now :thup:

wow how the mightly sandro has fallen. So much for his homecoming.

the ticat's 2 biggest weaknesses were running back and place kicker....

looks like Obie has solved both!

ticats are gonna challenge montreal for top spot in the east, IMO.

Sorry but two biggest Weak spots where (K) and in the Secondarily

Agree, but need a secondary first.Although MTL didn't have much of one and they've won two straight cups.Hmm :smiley:

Didn't we all say the same thing when we signed DeAngelis? :wink:

Just kidding, I love this trade.

Although I know you're joking i'll jump at this one just cause i'm bored :lol:
Sandro was deemed as an improvement because we focused to hard on his %.When it came down to it, what we should've looked at is his kicking % at IWS which is like %5 LOL.
Medlock hits consistently in any stadium, and not only that but he's a beast punter so he can either start or back up Wilbur.
Ahh that felt good, not discussing anything exciting in Ticat land was killing me :lol:

This is great news for us, and to be honest I would expect Sandro to get traded while his stock is still worth something, as he is still a Canadian kicker. I mean, Medlock, Sandro, Wilbur and Dave Stala if it really came down to it, so we have ample support in the kicker department.

Dalin Tollestrup is the guy they acquired the rights to (the Eskimos)

I think its extremely dirty to get a player to reduce his contract if you plan to trade him, for that reason I dont think that's what Ob has in mind.

He's Canadian by birth, so why is he a neg lister? He should go through a CFL draft and then, if not selected, a FA. Or does he not qualify as a NI?

He was draft eligible in 2010 and nobody took him. But he also has a couple years of eligibility left at BYU so because he wasn't drafted and couldn't be signed, The Ti-Cats put him on their neg list.

Sandro was a fine kicker, as long as he wasn't at Ivor Wynne....

Who says Medlock is going to placekick? He may have been brought in to punt and be insurance if D'Angelis can't turn things around.

True, but also keep in mind, this trade might not have been in the cards when he resigned Sandro. I mean, it's very likely he can still start for another team if he did get traded or released, and you also have to admit, after last season there was no way the team could or should have payed him the same.

I agree but he could have opted to say no to the pay cut and shop his services, he clearly prefered to stay in Hamilton at a reduced contract. We will have to see how it all plays out...

I'd say the Ti-Cats got the better of this trade... :frowning:

A good deal for the Cats, which could/should be the end for Sandro.
I wish that Medlock was still with us as he has several years on Pre.

If Medlock replaces DeAngelis as placekicker then look for Wilbur to be released. Why would the Ticats carry two imports to kick if Medlock can do both. That is, of course, assuming that Medlock was acquired to challenge DeAngelis and not to replace Wilbur. BTW, does anyone have any actual home vs road stats for Medlock?

Chief, at least wait until after the draft before declaring a winner in this trade.

All I know is I watched a lot of Argo games hoping for them to lose and he was probably the only reason they were in almost all of the games they were in.At IWS he was a terrorizer, i'm not sure he missed there, maybe just once.