Ticats App

With the move to mobile ticketing this year, and the existence of the Ticats All-Access website, I'm wondering why there's no Ticat app yet.

Mobile websites suck, and seeing people try to navigate a mobile website at the gates might be a bit of a disaster. I know the Jays have an app where people "store" there tickets, and can enter codes shown during games similar to the Ticats All-Access program.

I'm really hoping there's something on the way to make the mobile experience significantly easier :slight_smile:

The Blue jays are also a 900 million Dollar Franchise so have the funds to create one, but it sure would be nice if the Cats could pull it off not sure the cost would pay for itself or not

Well, the app wouldn't be generating any revenue directly. It'd just be enhancing the customer experience. After the first game, the mobile ticketing stuff wasn't bad. Having to log in to the website is a little bit of a pain, but not as bad as I thought it would be.