Ticats App ?

Ticats Nation needs an App ? I am very surprised the Tiger-Cats don't have an APP available for there fans ? Mr. Young the guru of computer technology when should we expect this latest piece of mobile technology ?

The Roughriders have one:


The CFL has one:


Just got my Playbook today although don't have it functioning yet until I get my router installed Tuesday. Maybe I'll go to a Hamilton wi-fi freebie hotspot tomorrow to set it up.

The CFL one is also on the Iphone and Itouch as well

Also the Drew from Spec has an app. as well

This is potentially going to sound rrrrrrrreally dumb but...

What exactly is an APP and why do the Ticats need one?

It's the latest technology for cell phones. A lot of major sports teams have them to keep there fans connected.

Check out the link below for more info.



I always hear about downloading Apps and stuff but never really knew what they were. I don't own a cell phone so I guess they're useless to me. I am a fan of facecrack but to this day I still don't know what Twitter does. LOL

I pick and choose my online fun!

99% of apps are also useless to people who DO have cellphones. :wink:

In many cases the only reason for an app to exist is because the people in charge of the related website don't have the will or resources to make the website itself work well with browsers for mobile devices. There's also sufficient hype around the concept of running programs on your phone that there's a novelty marketing effect at work: people who might not be motivated to visit the website will still download the app because apps are currently perceived as a "cool new thing". In fact, apps really do have the potential to do some really cool things, especially when they leverage the interesting capabilities of some phones, like GPS, cameras, touchscreens, and gyro sensors.

A good example of a truly useful application is a type of app for Android or iPhone that lets you read a product barcode with the phone's camera, and it looks up price information for nearby stores to help you comparison shop. This takes advantage of a cellphone's most distinctive advantage over a laptop or desktop computer: it's small and light enough that it's convenient for people to carry around lots of places. By connecting the dots of mobile availability, camera, automatically detected location information, information processing power, and internet connection, a barcode scanner smartphone app makes it trivial to do something that would be tedious to do by other methods.

However, lots of what's passing for "apps" these days is little more than glorified repackaging of websites.

99% of apps are also useless to people who DO have cellphones

That's why I don't get all the hype with the IPad having some 300,000 or so apps compared with the Playbook's just 3000 or so (although ability soon to run Android apps). How many will one need or use?

Ticats @james_dreher @CaretakerBob We're looking into it... what features would you want to see if we did create one?

Bob Young has tweeted that they are looking into a Ticats App :thup:

what do you want this app to do...
like you said the cfl has an app with the scheduled, scores, standings and news. TSN and The Score both have apps that will give you cfl news, stats and with the scores you can track games and get live updates. If you have a smart phone you can log into the forums or see Drews blog. I think it would be a waste of time and money for the team.

Sask has an App and it is specific to Sask. take a look its cool.

But what does it have that you cant already get from these other apps?
Ya its cool that its all Sask but does that really make it any more useful that everything else thats already out there?

[url=http://www.riderville.com/page/riderville_app_faq#whatItDoes]http://www.riderville.com/page/ridervil ... whatItDoes[/url]

What does the Rider app do?

The Rider App is a mobile device application that provides information about the Saskatchewan Roughriders including: game statistics and scores, complete team season statistics, season schedule, roster and player information, league results and standings, news articles and blogs, as well as official Rider twitter updates.

Its another Social Media Tool !! :thup: :thup: The more tools to get the Tiger-Cats out there the better !!


Thats enough for me. I don't own an I Phone yet, but if having an APP will give me all the above capabilities,
I'll purchase one. :thup:

The Ticats app should have the following:


Some extras to make it worth downloading

Feeds from drew's blog
Ticat.ca forum within the app
Ability to purchase tickets from within the app
Up to date roster and player info
Stadium seating plan and a map to the stadium would be useful for some users although I don't think is necessary
Intuitive design (score mobile for iPhone is the best sports app and would be an excellent model to follow)
Black and gold colour theme


I'll post again if I come up with more :cowboy:

I'm a android user of about 6 months and spend a part of every day looking for something new. They come and they go on my phone but for anyone who used the Masters App last week will attest that it was the holy grail of apps. So well done it was incredible .
Everything you would need including minute by minute action on the coarse . Green by green maps and fly overs including the history of each hole. Video replays of action on the greens, complete leader board,bio on every player,also Masters radio so you could listen if you couldn't watch.

VERY,VERY slick.


But I doubt it.

I'm 100% sure it'll be free

SSK was the first to have one and the Lions and Eskies have had theirs for quite a while, I wonder what's taking all the other teams so long to realize they need one too.

I have the CFL app on my blackberry playbook.
I'd download a ticats one, too, if one were available.

BlackBerry and CFL 4 life!