TiCats announce Coaching staff

Scott Mitchell ?@ticatmitchell 1h1 hour ago

Excited to announce our 2017 coaching staff this afternoon. Impressive and experienced group with the right amount of continuity #ticats

I thought Dennis McKnight was a retired former San Diego Charger who transitioned to Sports Talk Radio.

Good for Fields. I thought he did good work for us last year. I hope he sticks around in Hamilton.

Love Dennis McPhee, been following him for many years...GO CATS GO!!

Glad to see our coaching staff filled out. Some great experience there.

Who is new on this list?

McKnight (STC) Lolley, and Fields (both on defense)

Thanks. I probably should have checked the website for full bios on the three new coaches:


Not sure everyone, or maybe anyone here, will like this. But, I do.

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 22h22 hours ago
Another interesting tidbit: Austin told me the plan is for OC Stef Ptazsek to take over play calling for #TIcats this season.

Can't be any worse than last year. I have a lot of respect for what he did at Mac. Give him a chance and if it doesn't work out...Austin takes over again.