Ticats announce 2023 coaching staff; Reinebold, Milanovich return to CFL

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced the football club’s coaching staff for the 2023 season on Thursday, consisting of seven returning coaches from the 2022 season and six coaches who are back for their fourth-straight season in Hamilton.

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Glad to see Jeff Reinebold back in the CFL.


Even happier to see it’s not with my team. Great guy. Not a great coach.

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Isn’t the maximum number of coaches 11 for a team? Hamilton is at 13.

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Great adds. Be interesting to see how they all fit together. Another 9 in football ops. Lots of $$ invested there.

WOW ! Quite the number of Coaches ! I thought that the League a number of years ago put a limit on the number of coaches allowed on one team. Guess Hamilton is all in this year. They saw Toronto & Winnipeg break the CAP rules get to the Grey Cup and only hit with a “pocket change” fine. The Ticats are hosting the Grey cup this years so a fine for breaking the player’s CAP and for the team breaking the coaches rules is worth the cost. Especially if they get to the big show!
Can’t believe though that the Cats need 3 assistant coaches. Sure 2 have other responsibilities but seriously 3 Assistant coaches and a head coach to run this team? I would say a wee bit of a joke using these titles to sign coaches

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I didn’t know Milanovich was done with the NFL .

Is this another Burris in BC waiting until an NFL offer appears then gone .

While we get a yearly report on teams compliance (or non-compliance) of the player salary cap, I don’t recall seeing one in regards to compliance with the football operations cap.

It can only be determined after the season which teams are subject to salary cap penalties. However in the case of the Tiger-Cats openly having 13 coaches rather than the mandated maximum 11, Ambrosie should simply tell them right now to cut down on 2 .

Does he have the footballs to do this is the question.

So Milanovic couldn’t be bothered to stay in Edmonton but now is back with Hamilton? Dirtbag. I guess the Ti-Cats can be my 7th favourite team this year.

You would think they’d try and pass a couple off as consultants or advisors… Worked for TOR.

We’re not at 13 , we are at a bakers dozen . If truth be known Milanovich was only hired so we could have somebody pick up coffee and donuts for the meetings. Therefore technically he doesn’t count so you minus him and as you can see we are now down to the league mandate of 11 coaches . :grinning:

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I like Milanovich - he has proven to be a good coach - but his position as Senior Assistant Coach - I’m not sure how that differs from the other assistant coaches. Any ideas out there?

Maybe it’s similar the rules for the active roster players and the salary cap. They cap only applies to the starting roster but they still pay the injured and reserves.
They pay Milanovich a big salary but it doesn’t count against the official coaches cap because he’s counted as an advisor not a coach