Ticats and the Cap

My problems with trading chick and gable is that if they still feel they are in the race for a playoff spot why are they not adding say a good defensive end via trade maybe a john bowman from montreal for example ..we are shaving salary and not spending on other new players so that sends a message that they are giving up ..i know they must be way under the cap now after letting go of chick , dyakowskji, Fulton, Gable ,T tyms, collins jr etc...that likely adds up to about 700 k that they are not spending elsewhere.

In Edmonton , they had a pretty stacked team and then added two ex all -star players via nfl cuts that no doubt command large salary in receiver Derel Walker, db Aaron Grymes, DE John Chick and RB CJ Gable. I'd say that should add about 600 k to their salary and they didn't get rid of any high priced players.
Yet we are getting rif of high priced players and not replacing them and claiming were are still trying for a playoff spot.

Something seems wrong with this picture. Other than say Kanneh we didn't add much salary in the off season so we should be under the cap playing rookies all over the place. We didn'y play fantuz for most of the season and we did not resign Figueroa, Plesius, Lewis, Simmons , Olson, Rico Murray, Johnny Sears Jr and retirement of Craig Butler.

Seems kind of fishy that Edmonton can add 4 very high priced players near the end of the season to an already good team and we are just removing salary now an din the off season and we are claiming to be trying to make the playoffs. In my opinion we should be making a few deals to get decent players at DE and DB for draft picks or players on our negotiation list.

I'd like to see what Edmonton's team salary is right now compared to ours with us having so many rookies and letting go veterans while edmonton added 4 all -stars

Beauman ?? Surely there’s a Better choice at a cheaper price out there.

Bowman is 35 and expensive. Not a long term solution for a team rebuilding.

Bowman was just an example of a guy that can rush the passer and replace chcik for this year only .

we need help at import DE don't you agree / Ricky Ray was given time to throw in the last 7 minutes and overtime and he ate us alive

we stopped blitzing ...we need more pressure from our de positions

Maybe…just maybe…the coaches should have stuck with what worked up until that point in the game and not stopped blitzing.

8)Exactly what you said mycko75 !!!

  1. Opposing offence scores only twice in 48 minutes - including one time when they were spotted the ball on our 11 yard line.

  2. Our coaches change strategy, try to sit on lead, stop blitzing. (Did this actually happen?)

  3. Opponent scores on 4 of its next 5 drives.

  4. Obvious conclusion: we lack the personnel on defence.

Why are we saying the defence was the problem against the arblows when it was the offence in the 4th quarter could not sustain drives tooo many 2 and outs leaving the defence on the field far too long the boys were gassed

Both can suck. It’s not either or.

We lack personal on coaching…U.S. football you can kill time very easy & coaches without years of Canadian football experience just don’t have the know how…you can never and should never sit on a led…if something works in the 1st, & 3rd quarters only a mental case or moron would change things up!

If you are having cap issues with a 3-12 Football team, then you've overpaid for guys and can't keep guys around without overpaying for them. IE: Your GM-Personnel department have not being doing a good job.

When teams have to deal with the cap, they have to consider player bonuses into their calculations. Most veteran contracts have bonus clauses, that state if you perform this well, you get X dollars.When a team does poorly as a whole, seldom do the players hit those margins and make those bonuses.

Additionally, All-Stars also make additional money which also have to be factored towards the cap. This is the main reason a lot of CFL teams go over the cap, because the team can't really control who ends up being an all-star, which is why you don't get penalized for draft picks until you hit the higher end of cap violation.

Keeping a high volume of veteran players is far more important part of the CFL the other leagues and generally (apart from QB or truly exceptional players) more important then retaining a smaller handful of great players. Rookie players in the CFL tend to need at least 2-4 years development, either to adjust from the US game or to make the transition from college to pro. In a league where 1st round picks often depart for the NFL and come back on other teams, where you can't easily find cheap young talent that you can just plug into a position and expect it to work and whose cream is swallowed by the NFL, you can't just plug a rookie into a spot. This is even more true of Canadian veterans, where depth is essential to make ratio.

Now given that we had 20 rookie or sophomore players on our roster at the start of our season, and Calgary and Edmonton had around 10 or so....what does that tell you? It's rare that these players aren't on entry level deals, so to me, it screams that we overpaid for a few players, didn't retain enough veteran talent and tried to fill those gaps with rookies and got burned. The biggest issue is that if you are going to spend as much on a QB as you did on Zach, then you have to have high powered offensive players to go with him. We didn't, we started a Rookie Import lineman and had a receiver corps that was far too young and lacked Canadian depth with Fantuz hurt.

This is why house cleaning should be in order in the office. Winnipeg canned their CEO and GM for far less a few years back, and they are now contenders. It should happen the very second we get mathematically eliminated from playoff contention to start rebuilding. A 3-12 team who has yet to win by more then 9 points, isn't just a coaching issue. Jones is on pace to bat .500 this season, and only because we will get to feast on Montreal's weak squad.

And that, for me, is the crux of the problem. When you spend top dollar on one player, it makes it difficult to hire the supporting cast. Why don’t we have better receivers, $500K on Zach. Why don’t we have better O-linemen, $500k on Zach. I don’t know how other teams do it. How does Ottawa spend all that money on four 1000 yard receivers, hire a $400K QB and stay under the cap? How does Calgary keep Messam and Mitchell, and that D-line and stay under the cap? How does BC keep Lulay and Jennings, and say under the cap? Montreal defence, Winnipeg with Nicholls, Medlock, and that D?Some creative salary configurations, or guys willing to work cheap.