ticats and riders swing trade

Kournegay to Sask. for receivers Thyron Anderson and Jason French as announced by Ted michaels on CHML's Sunday show.


Its a bit of head scratcher, considering that the Rider starters in the secondary shut down Burris and the Stamps in the first half last Friday. It could be a move to acquire some depth in the secondary. Yesterday was cutdown day , so Tillman may have worked out a deal to trade French and Anderson rather than just cutting them.

yep...... oh well, another good move by the riders, they have officially moved up in my books.... im rather happy with how theyve panned out. only thing i have a problem with is austin as head coach, but maybe he'll be fine to, we will see

is it bad that I have never heard of Kournegay

with french and anderson gone, who do the riders have then?

yo murphy
jason armstead
andy fantuz
dj flick


Anderson is no loss, trust me. It doesn't matter if he's playing for Calgary or Saskatchewan. The guy will never lay out for a pass or give that extra effort to make a play happen. A shame, because he's talented, fast, big, and strong. Million-dollar body, five-cent heart.

I will add:
Matt Domingeuz
Nathan Hoffart( a surprise)
Corey Grant
Rob Bagg
Kahlil Hill
David McKoy

Still a few cuts to be made there-- McKoy and Bagg have impressed, Hoffart could stay as well. You might see another trade happen. Hill and Armstead are injured as well, you could see a receiver or two on the practice roster.

I want Grant gone as well

ofcourse..how'd i forget dominguez???...lol

anyways...so the riders are starting 5 receivers, then?....

Dominguez, Armstead, Fantuz, Murphy, Flick?....Cates in the backfield and Joseph at QB?

does that sound about right?

Tillman is smart if he did this!! good move to unload some players rather than cut them and get something in return. The big question mark is can Kent Austin get the players to play for each other and for him with loyalty.!!!! Will be a huge factor in a long season. When the going gets tough you usually see the teams that stick together and the teams that fall apart unfold either way depending on the leadership and discipline that the head coach demands and EARNS with his players.
Danny Barrett had it, earned it - the jury is out on Kent Austin- no disrespect intended but we will see how he and players respond during adversity.

Riders Rule
CFL Rules too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Riders Rule

danny barrett didnt run a tight ship...

the players would get whooped one week, then try hard the next...never in back-2-back efforts.

danny barrett as coach was like being coached by your best friend....you didnt have to take him seriously half the time, as proven by 9-9 records the last few years.

the team lacked killer instinct under barrett...how else do u explain losing to an argo team at home when the argos were missing so many key guys to injury ( just ONE example that comes to mind )? or that game they got embarrassed in montreal, only to prove they could beat the als the next week...if they were capable of beating the als in the rematch, why did they get destroyed in the first game?

drummergod- I cannot vehemently disagree with your points. However, being a players coach (earning their respect and having them want to break through brick walls for you is a fine line for a coach. If the coach becomes too friendly - discipline breaks down, if the coach becomes too harsh- depending on the personnel, the players may not play hard. I know the majority of players were loyal to Barrett and , to me, that is more important to the success of a team than a coach being the Ayatollah to maintain team discipline. I know there are exceptions we could both offer both ways ( hard-arse coaches (Buono) who were successful and nice guy coaches( Hughie Campbell) who were successful. I think the players played hard for Danny overall and each year they went out with a fight in the playoffs.
CFL rules

Tad Kornegay is a decent DB. He was a probably the third- or fourth-best player in the Ticats’ secondary for the past two years. And we all know what a powerhouse secondary the Cats have had these past two years. :stuck_out_tongue:

A so-so DB for a proven non-import and an import who’s

Maybe with some real coaching he may show some of that heart that he’s apparently lacking.

Sorry, Rider fans, but it sounds like you got the short end of the stick on that deal. It must have been just a numbers thing; like they had too many receivers and not enough DBs. I don’t believe Tillman would just flat-out make a terrible deal.

I don’t want to sound like I’m disparaging the Riders, but their biggest embarrassment has to be the fact that they were the “1” in the Ticats’ 1-17 season (2003).

I think Ticats won this trade hands down they were able to shore up their recieving corps

I almost threw up at the end of that game.

lol well i got drunk with him friday night after the game during mardi gra's in hess village here in hamilton, kind of a shocker, we both were talking about how the rest of the season was going to turn out, next thing you know hes gone! neways great guy! young, has what it takes to be real good db in this league the kid just needs a chance.

hmm ok

Kornegay is a mediocre player. Sometimes, he just does not make good decisions.

Two years ago, in a game against the Bombers, there were about 10 seconds left until halftime and Hamilton had a comfortable lead. Winnipeg tried a field goal, but it missed. Kornegay was the returner, and all he had to do was run it out of the endzone and they could kneel it and end the half. Instead, he ran out and then BACK IN and ended being forced to concede a safety touch! Not only that, Winnipeg got the ball back and threw a touchdown to Stegall against that Ticat secondary on the next play to end the half!

I am by no means a football authority, but my impression of Korneguay was that he was becoming an experienced and solid player. Those bad decisions two years ago are learning experiences.

But who won the deal will become apparent by the midway point of the season. French has never played anywhere besides Sask, and maybe a change of scenery will motivate him. I hope we'll both win with the trade, but if Kournegay continues to improve then the Riders will have won.

On the homepage , it says that this season will be his 3rd in the league. So would that have occured in his rookie year? It could have been a rookie mistake.