Ticats and "Let's All Hate Toronto," this Sunday

...The much-discussed documentary "Let's All Hate Toronto" is playing on CBC Newsworld, this Sunday at 10pm. Not only is the theme of "hating Toronto" central to the Tiger-Cats and their fans, but thanks to the Forbidden Website, the Ticat-Argo rivalry was given the attention it deserves in the film.

I think one and all will be happy to see that, despite the shots of so many fans with paper bags over their heads, the respect and love that Hamiltonians still hold for their team and their city is treated with insightful compassion. See the link for more details:


"More about love than hate, Let's All Hate Toronto is the hilarious barn-burning adventure into Canada's other national pastime - bashing Toronto. The first film ever made on the subject, the filmmakers take the insane approach, sending a "Mister Toronto" across the nation, holding "Toronto Appreciation Days" at his own peril. Canada basically goes berserk. But does Toronto really suck? Or is Canada just afraid of growing up?

Mister Toronto hurdles through the divide to discover more than he could imagine about the "Centre of the Universe" and the crazy country around it.

From the team behind Stupidity and Escape to Canada comes a revolutionary new film that blows the lid of Canada's greatest taboo.

Canada has never been so much fun.

The film begins as Mr. Toronto (co-director Rob Spence) sees a Hamilton billboard boasting the slogan "Toronto Sucks." Mr. Toronto is shocked to discover the rest of Canada hates his beloved city, so he sets out on a cross-country "Toronto Appreciation Day" tour to uncover the roots of this animosity.

Mr. Toronto's journey begins in Hamilton, home of the "Toronto Sucks" advertising campaign. He encounters a group of "bag men", football fans so ashamed of the Hamilton Tiger Cats' poor performance that they don't want to be recognized. However, Mr. Toronto finds that Hamiltonians still have a great deal of pride in their home town.

The Toronto Appreciation Day tour takes Mr. Toronto to St. John's, Halifax, and Montreal, where his Toronto work ethic influences the city to change the light bulbs on the giant cross atop Mount Royal. He travels to Calgary and Vancouver, where he learns that resentment towards Toronto runs very deep.

Let's All Hate Toronto presents a list of the top ten reasons why Canada hates Toronto, including envy, violence, pollution and The Toronto Maple Leafs. In the end, Mr. Toronto is so discouraged that, like the Hamilton Tiger Cats fans, he puts a bag on his head and wanders into the fog at Toronto's Nuit Blanche art event. What happens next will make everyone question why they've been saying "Let's All Hate Toronto."

Let's All Hate Toronto is co-directed and produced by filmmaker Albert Nerenberg of Elevator Films (Toronto & Bolton, Que.). The film was commissioned by CBC Newsworld and is a world television premiere."

Good to see our tax dollars being well spent :wink:

There is just so much about Toronto to hate..arrogant, obnoxious people who really do think they are the centre of the universe..I would love to see Hogtown seperate from the rest of Canada and form their own Country Turdland

I actually made the credits in this movie. Can't wait to see it.

Its almost Sunday...time for a bump. Pesky argos winning again....we're jealous.

Only a few more hours until Toronto gets what's coming to them, coast-to-coast.

Woe is us if the Argos make and/or win the Grey Cup.

Although it was up against the deciding game of the World Series, the television premiere of "Let's All Hate Toronto" was the highest-rated telecast in its timeslot since the current Newsworld admin. began taking such stats in 2001.

Lots of fond memories of Labour Day 2006 (the final score of 40-6 for the Argos notwithstanding).

Bunner did the Ti-Cat Nation proud. Far from a cameo appearance, Bunner was one of the stars of the show. Loved the Hamilton Bagmen too.

Despite the argos kicking us up again, the Cats got some great exposure with this flick. Highly recommended viewing.

Perhaps "Mr. Toronto" will make an appearance at the Release the Forbidden Curse Grey Cup Kick Off Party in Toronto on November 21st ?

It's weird how these things work. If Bob had never unleashed the Edict of the Forbidden Chant, the atrocious years 2005-2007 may well have put "Argos $uck!" on life support, and the Forbidden Board of Directors may well have faded into oblivion, busy as they are with parenthood, careers, the onset of incontinence, etc.

However, by officially divorcing the Tiger-Cat organization from its traditions, historical roots and cultural heritage, the Caretaker essentially abdicated control of the original, organic, authentic Ticat brand, in favour of a manufactured one. And therefore, when journalists, film makers, historians and other commentators set out to explore the true essence of the Tiger-Cats, they don't turn to Bob, but to the Forbidden B.O.D. The scenes from the 2006 Labour Day Classic that open "Let's All Hate Toronto" are a perfect example of this dynamic at work.

Here's hoping that on Grey Cup Wednesday Night, the Caretaker shows up to release us all from the curse, live on stage at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. What better place to restore a Canadian tradition than in front of a coast-to-coast audience, on the exact spot where Stompin' Tom Connors debuted so many of his patriotic songs from "Across this Land."

From what I can see of people in Hamilton, I would say very unscientifically that there are as many people in love with Toronto than vica versa. I see as many Leaf,Jays, Raps hats, coats etc. than I see TiCats as one sign. And I think a lot of people live in Hamilton and work in the GTA but live in Hamilton for the cheaper housing prices. Also, the more money you have here, the more you're in love with Toronto maybe.

I know a lot of true blooded TiCat fans don't want to hear that but I think it's true.

8) Unfortunately it's true, very true !!! You are dead on with your analysis Earl. There are a lot of two faced people living in Hamilton, and that is for sure !!!!! They love their Leafs, Jays and Raptors, then insist that they hate the Argos and the city of Toronto !!!!

Gimmie a break !!!! :twisted:

Don't worry. The CFL officiating crew will see that they at least make it to the Grey Cup game. Probably on an unreviewable penalty call.

This is exactly why we have always contended that the Forbidden Chant and its in-stadium usage transcends the statistical outcome of the Ticats-Argo head to head record in any given year.

I grew up on such stories of nefarious Toronto and the coddling they receive from the establishment, but I always kinda doubted its reality - until I saw it occur with my very own eyes, at Grey Cup /96.

After that Flutie fumble, it was the ref, not Doug, who shoulda been presented with the keys to that new truck. Clearly Jake was the Argos MVP.

For the record, that's Jake Ireland, not me.

What I'm saying Tipper is that a lot of the people wearing Jays, Leafs, Raps hats etc. wouldn't give the Ticats but more importantly the CFL the time of day but adore anything Toronto based but only live in Hamilton for the cheaper housing. I'm talking about people who put down the CFL as not worthy since it isn't one of the big major leagues. That's all. Hamilton is too small for them in a lot of respects except of course they want to sit their butts here for cheaper housing. I despise these sorts. And I think there are loads of them. I like the Jays and Raps (Habs fan, not Leafs), more precisely MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL but also, of course, the CFL. It's the people who think the CFL is too small time for them that I despise. Ok?