Ticats and June Jones have discussions about coach’s return

This is great news from Drew Edwards! :slight_smile:

Ticats, June Jones have preliminary discussions about coach’s return
Posted on October 31, 2017 by Drew Edwards // 0 Comments

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach June Jones has begun discussions with the team about returning to the sidelines next season.
Jones met with CEO Scott Mitchell last week to set the groundwork for how and when a decision regarding his future with the club will be made.
“We had a long talk we’ve settled on how we’re going to move forward. We’re going to get together in the middle of November and make some decisions,? Jones said. “My general feeling is that we have good thing going. We’ll see what happens.
“I’d like to be back.?

Quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who was named the starter after Jones took over and has played some of the best football of his career, says Jones’ impact has extended well beyond the playing field
“I would definitely endorse him for any job, not just here and not just football. He’s a great man and I’ve learned a lot from him on and off the field and I definitely feel comfortable playing for him,? Masoli said. “I love the things he brings to the locker room, the family culture and environment.?

Masoli is one of several players slated to be a free agent in February, a list that also includes receivers Brandon Banks and Luke Tasker as well as Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent. Jones says he expects things will be clarified in plenty of time for players to take coaching into consideration.
“I don’t want the players to have to deal with it right now but when the players have to make their decisions, everybody will know what the situation is,? Jones said. “Who the coach is going to be is a concern to them before they sign.?

Masoli said he hasn’t given his pending free agency much thought and won’t until the season comes to an end. He stopped short of tying his decision to return to Jones’ future but was unequivocal in his support.
“It’s too early, there’s a lot that has to shake out. The team has to do what they got to do and the season isn’t over yet,? Masoli said. “What he’s done this year, the progress we’ve made, should speak for itself. The whole momentum and swag of the team since he’s taken over is completely different.
“It would a no-brainer for me to bring him back.?

Jones said he’s comfortable with the current front office set up which includes vice-president of football operations Kent Austin and general manager Eric Tillman. Austin has two years remaining on the contract extension he signed 2016 but hasn’t publicly addressed his future.
“I think the situation is pretty positive right now. I’ve been allowed to do my job and that’s all I ask,? Jones said. “I’m not a player personnel guy, I’m a coach. They ask my opinion on players and I give it to him but I want to decide who plays.?

“I think the owner is a good guy, I think Scott knows what he’s doing. I think this place is set up to have a good run,? he said. “They have a really positive flow to how they do things here. It’s all upside to me.?


A very informative report.
For one thing, I think those of us who are concerned about the possibility of losing Masoli, to free agency, can find some comfort in it. But, the key paragraph, to me is:

“I think the situation is pretty positive right now. I’ve been allowed to do my job and that’s all I ask,? Jones said. “I’m not a player personnel guy, I’m a coach. They ask my opinion on players and I give it to him but I want to decide who plays.?

Jones is happy, which, to me, makes it's very clear that he's been the one deciding who plays since he took over as HC. That should settle the differences of opinion, or put to rest certain suggestions made, in a few of our recent threads here.

I really like how Jones knows and states“I’m not a player personnel guy, I’m a coach."
I wonder what Ken Austin would say if asked for such a statement on what he is?

This says a lot. If these guys are going to wait for the coaching decision to be solidified before they make their decisions, they love this guy. You can see the difference in the attitudes since JJ took over. They look like their having fun and really enjoying the game. Yes, that comes with winning, but there is definitely a good vibe on the tail end of the season.

They ask my opinion on players and I give it to him but I want to decide who plays.?

Him would be Tillman?
It was Tillman that was instrumental in bringing in Coach Jones.

I am shocked that Coach Jones doesn't peruse this forum to get advice on who should play? ::slight_smile:

The fact that Mitchell is taking the lead in discussions and the decision-making process concerning June Jones' future with the team speaks volumes about Kent Austin's relative position with this organization in my opinion.
In a conventional organization, the V-P of Football Operations would be in charge of and take the lead in hiring, firing and extending head coaches. He would not be publicly excluded from the process as appears to be happening here with Mitchell clearly in charge.

If you want to expedite the departure of someone from your organization, you (publicly) exclude him/her from the decision-making process in a matter that clearly lies within that person's area of authority. Most self-respecting people in an organization won't allow themselves to be belittled in that fashion without taking action.
At this point, Kent Austin is excess baggage in this organization in my opinion and is probably near the end of his (overpaid) tenure here.

In a "conventional (CFL) organization" there would not be a V-P of Football Operations, unless that individual was also the General Manager and, perhaps also, the Head Coach. Here, we have a "General Manager." Shouldn't it be Tillman taking the lead?

Valid point, except in this organization, the GM does not appear to have authority to name head coaches.
In Austin's job summary posted on the Tiger-Cat web site, it notes that Austin "appointed Eric Tillman as General Manager on March 11, 2016 and June Jones as Head Coach on August 24, 2017, but remains the head of football operations."

Seems to be lots of redundancy in this organization.

Scott Mitchell is Caretakers right hand man, and it is the right hand that signs the Staff Cheques.
It would be Mitchell that negotiates the June Jones Contract.
Austin and Tillman work the Player contracts under the Salary Cap.

it was Tillman that originally suggested bringing in June Jones to Austin and Mitchell.

If you want the position of V-P Football Operations to have any real credibility, you provide that person with a budget to OPERATE the football side of the organization, including securing/retaining the coaching staff. If the V-P Football Operations requires an increase in the budget to accommodate a certain head coach for example, he would approach his boss(es) to request same and proceed accordingly.
You do not "neuter" the position by undermining the person's authority, unless of course, the title is simply a label assigned in an effort to justify a salary.

It is really no secret that Austin's power in this Organization is getting reduced more and more!

His shelf life is about to expire.

or he's being kept to take over for Scott Mitchell. He definitely seems to be part of that club.

If we re-sign June Jones, the entertaining, productive offense we've enjoyed watching for the second half of this season will carry over into next year, because Jones is the architect of that offense, and some of its key cogs (Masoli, Banks, Tasker) will probably re-sign in Hamilton, due to Jones being named coach here.

Could be just a transcription error. I suspect it might have actually been, "They ask my opinion on players and I give it to 'em, but I want to decide who plays."

^^^^ This is likely^^^^^

Yup Coaches coach and the players play. If we follow logic the head coach should have the final decision regarding who plays and who sits.

Yes, it's logical, and in the case of JJ, he's made it pretty clear he will have it no other way. Good for him. Another reason I hope he returns.

I agree with seymour that our management structure looks top heavy, but when I commented on that a while back I recall some folks responding that it's Bob's money, so how he spends it is up to him. Of course that's true, and I don't disagree. I think I'd prefer it simpler though myself.

It seems that the team is so muchbetter since Austin relinquished the H/C position to June Jonesand Lolley replaced Reinebold.
GM Tillman(who supplanted Austin as GM)has sincesupplied players that enhance boththe Offence and Defence.

Austin is still under Contract for I believe 2 more years, so Caretaker has to pay his contract anyways,
but as I said before, Austin's role on this team has beenseverelydiminished.

Other than coaching how do you know what has diminished or what his role is in the management structure? It’s easy to make blanket statements with no substance to prove said statement. Unless you’re privy to what the entire roles and responsibilities were, how can anyone make that statement outside of relinquishing his role as HC?

" Other than coaching, how do you know what has diminished or what his role is in the management structure ?"

Well, since coaching is a 23 hour /day job ( one hour for bathroom breaks), it would appear that Kent Austin has a much more open schedule today . I'm sure there is a whole lot less stress in his managerial capacity and that could be a good thing for Kent . He was starting to look like an aging President of the United States . Those that take the job seriously seem to go grey right before our very eyes . I'll bet that his day is still busy but with fewer headaches .

So General Custer ," other than" the Sioux and Cheyenne, how did your day go ?

Listen to Grover . He does not speak with forked-tongue !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)